Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail . . .

You may remember my post about sewing along with Amanda Murphy on the Easter table topper. You can see the different steps to constructing this cute project here, here, and here

This has been really fun -- first of all, I'm working with Flora, by Lauren and Jessi Jung, for Moda -- what's not to love? Gorgeous, sumptuous colors, evocative of Old World fabrics . . .

(All of these images are from our fabulous sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop.)


'Scuse me while I mop up my keyboard. I tend to drool when looking at these fabrics, and I have some right here close by. (Grin)

I have cut my wedges from the Curio fabric, and I showed you the pieced charms that I cut the eggs from; now it's time to show you some of the wedges with the eggs applied!

I think they're so cute! Now, I don't have a machine with all of the bells and whistles that Amanda has, but there are some decorative stitches on my lil' Brother (that I love with all my heart) and this was a good opportunity to try them out!  See what you think of these --- and please be kind, OK? I did try these when I first received the machine from my loving sister, but since then, not as much.  So, some of them surprised me, and the needle went in the opposite direction of where I expected!

 There are a few "skips" in this one, but overall, it's a keeper!

I like how this one turned out!
This fabric has leaves on it, and the stitch makes leaves, too!
Kinda hard to see this one, but since it is subtle, it lets that fabric shine!

Well, there are twelve more wedges to make, on this bottom section of the table topper . . . then it's off to my stash to choose fabrics for the petals to go on top!

Happy sewing, everyone!
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