Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Occupy - Second Evening

I'm participating in CatPatches' Occupy your Sewing Room effort, and I wanted to report on my second evening of fun.

Have you ever worked on a design and it just didn't go right? The pieces didn't play together like you thought they would? The colors just didn't speak the same language? Sigh. I had one of those evenings.

I had made some nice HSTs in Christmas-y fabrics, and was trying to put a border on my Peppermint Popper table topper. (See, Gene, I am using the name you came up with --- I love it!)

This is what I tried initially:

That just didn't seem right, so I tried this:

Those HSTs just were not singing in harmony, so I decided to keep it a two-color project. Quick as lightning, my Accuquilt Go!Baby turned out more chisels (have I told you how quick and easy that lil baby cranks out pieces?), and I made one more braid . . .

Then I put that with what I already had, and here is the Peppermint Popper table topper, ready for embellishment!

Now I can start stitching some snowflakes with the gorgeous Presencia Finca thread I got from Jane, and soon my crystals will arrive so I can finish with some bling!  To keep it in my two-color scheme, I think I'll use some Kona red from my stash to back it, and some scraps from the chisel braid fabrics for the binding.

What do you think? Are two-color quilts something that you like, or do you find them kinda boring, and long for more color?



  1. LOVE two color quilts...I think when you add the "bling" the rest will speak for itself. This is going to be SO pretty!!

  2. I have really been enjoying working with reds and whites lately. I usually like more color, but using a variety of fabric in one color is almost as much fun. Love Peppermint Popper Table Topper.

  3. I like the two colours. It makes it stand out more

  4. Two color yes! Red and white is top of my fav list :) Then blue and white...this will be gorgeous

  5. Two colors can be really fun, it is the pattern that makes it interesting :)


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