Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quilty Updates!

Be sure to check out the adorable new banner today over at Sew We Quilt --- the quilts for December are there, in all their glory! They really are quite beautiful, and you can enjoy the story behind each one, in the quilter's own words . . . all served up by our own Madame Samm for our Christmas enjoyment!

Then, be sure to visit here *AND* at Sew We Quilt tomorrow, for our guest post and our fabric giveaway! You'll be glad you did . . . just sayin'.

Here is an update on my Roanoke Star tabletopper, too! I have it sandwiched and will be trying to find time to hand-quilt it.

I'm linking up with Marcia, for her Minutes for Me linky party:

Be sure to check out the others to see what everyone is up to! Or trying to find time to do, anyway!

See you tomorrow!



  1. That new banner is amazing! I'd love to see your table topper after it's hand quilted. I'm sure it will be amazing......hand!

  2. Can't wait to wee your post tomorrow at Sew We Quilt! And thanks for linking up for the Minutes for Me! Enjoy your day!


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