Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quilty Updates!

Be sure to check out the adorable new banner today over at Sew We Quilt --- the quilts for December are there, in all their glory! They really are quite beautiful, and you can enjoy the story behind each one, in the quilter's own words . . . all served up by our own Madame Samm for our Christmas enjoyment!

Then, be sure to visit here *AND* at Sew We Quilt tomorrow, for our guest post and our fabric giveaway! You'll be glad you did . . . just sayin'.

Here is an update on my Roanoke Star tabletopper, too! I have it sandwiched and will be trying to find time to hand-quilt it.

I'm linking up with Marcia, for her Minutes for Me linky party:

Be sure to check out the others to see what everyone is up to! Or trying to find time to do, anyway!

See you tomorrow!