Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feeling Grinchy? Here's a cure . . .

Are you lagging behind in your Christmas plans? Are you planning how to do away with scowling at people who are cheerfully whistling Christmas carols at work? Are your Christmas gifties still in the fat-quarter-and-pattern-set-aside stage? Are you admiring the fine spirit of independence that crochety old Scrooge displays?

Well, have I got a cure for you!!

SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show may be finished as far as awarding prizes goes, but the fun ain't over yet! (Haven't you always wanted to say that?!)  The linkie is still active, and there are over one hundred lovely entries with heart-warming stories to accompany them. It's a sure way to get your creative juices flowing, and banish grinch-y thoughts! 

Just click here to zoom over to her site and admire the show entries. And while we're at it, take a peek at the Viewers' Choice Award winners: Barbara at Catpatches, whose gorgeous stitcheries and patchwork are accented with wonderful crystals, and also May at Abyquilt, whose lovely quilt won the Christmas division. Does anyone see a trend here? (Grin) Lots of talented folks are incorporating stitcheries into their quilts - and I'm going to be just like them when I grow up!
Listen! I can hear some of you humming "Deck the Halls" right now, and I lost a few as they scampered off to start some Christmas baking . . . it's working! 

SewCalGal had a whole lot of awesome sponsors, and if you need anything for your holiday sewing or gift-giving, I hope you will go to those sites and make them so happy they were sponsors! In this economy, it's difficult for many of our favorite businesses to keep their heads above water, so to speak. So if you can, purchase from them, but if not, at least let them know you appreciate them. A quick note on a blog or a Facebook page can mean a lot!

Personally, I'm still super excited about my prize . . . I need to go and drool over, lust after, er, browse the Fat Quarter Shop site, and figure out how to best utilize the gift certificate that I won!
(Hey, it's a tough job, but I can get it done!)

Now aren't you feeling Christmas-y now? (Grin)



  1. It was a wonderful quilt show - so many lovelies of all styles, techniques, and variety. Yes, the embroidery 'seams' to be popular right now - those were my favorite two, so YEAH!! Congrats on your win and enjoy shopping.

  2. Oh congrats!!! That's a wonderful prize to win! I'm off to look at the quilt show!!!

  3. Sew-Cal does so many wonderful shows. She works hard. I just love her blog. Congrats on winning!

  4. Congrats on your win! The Christmas Quilt Show was a lot of fun--so many beautiful things to see and be inspired by. :)


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