Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Update on Malawi

What do you think of, when you consider what you might be giving or getting for Christmas?

Does your list include soap? How about corn, or peas?
Many of you special Lilypad quilters participated in the Destash for Malawi effort earlier this year. I thought that you would like to see an update from the mission effort there. 
The Kropfs are making their Christmas distribution to the children and adults that they minister to, and you can see the food, clothing, and other items that the people receive - you might even see some of your fabric in one of the pictures!
Please go to this link and read Anita's post - I promise you will be blessed, and your Christmas will be all the merrier! And thanks again to all who donated thread, fabric, and more, to our Destash effort!



  1. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and God bless you too!

  2. What a wonderful thing! Blessings, marlene


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