Saturday, December 17, 2011

Giveaway Winners!! Yep, there's two of the little rascals!

If you are looking for our Accuquilt Christmas Bloghop giveaway, just click on that link and POOF --- you'll magically be there! It closes on Sunday, so hurry!!

OK, pilgrims, we have had two giveaways going on here at the ole Lilypad, and I want to say, "Bless your pea-pickin' little hearts" cause you have really supported us here, and I've had a blast reading all of your comments! 

Well, the giveaway celebrating Quilting Gallery's fourth anniversary started first, and I enjoyed reading all of your comments about your favorite Christmas foods. Some of you were very dignified and calmly told me about the turkey you were looking forward to, or your mom or grandmom's signature recipe. Some of you had me giggling as you went wild over the goodies and desserts -- I swear, I think I gained weight just reading about all the delectable stuff that you're going to be wolfing down over the holidays! 

I think maybe after New Year's, we may implement a exercise-for-sewing regimen here . . . anybody want to join me in walking to earn sewing time? (Grin)

OK, now let's see who is going to win this charm pack of Terrain!!

Mr Random said:

And #326 was Quiltaholic, who said:
Yes, Quiltaholic, I am one of the guilty parties who uses the fruitcake for a door stop, but don't tell anybody else, OK?! (Grin)
Congratulations to our Party winner!!  I'll be emailing you for your shipping information, and this charm pack will be flying from my chubby fingers to your happy ones very soon!

Now, at the same time, we had the SewMamaSew Giveaway Day going on --- lots of fun all around the globe! I now know that the majority of our group will open one present on Christmas Eve, and that for many of you (and your kiddos) that present will be pajamas, and there will be a flurry of picture taking once those jammies are tried on! The rest of the gifties are held in reserve for the big day! You all had awesome senses of humor, and your comments were really great!

Now, let's see who gets to give the charm pack of So Sophie a new home!

Mr. Random chose:
And our 374th comment was from KatieQ of Katies Salt Marsh Path blog!
Congratulations! I'll email you momentarily, and then ship this fabric yumminess to you!!

My sincere thanks to everyone who stopped in to visit, clicked to follow, and left engaging comments for me to read! What fun!

By the way, stop in at the Quilting Gallery and at SewMamaSews, and let them know how much you enjoyed the bloghops that they sponsored, OK? It takes a lot of work to organize one, and they did a super job so that all of us could have a ball! Let them know you love 'em!



  1. Congratulations to both winner (nicer when you know them too) and thank you for hosting a wonderful give away at both hops.

  2. Thank you, Ms. Snoodles...this was a blast! A wonderful week to be a quilter! Congrats to all the winners!

  3. Thank you for two great giveaways and congratulations to the lucky winners!

  4. Congratulations you two!! Thank you Ms. Snoodles for your giveaway!

  5. Congrats to the winners! I'm still waiting for a winning email in my box. =) LOL...I can hope, right? =)


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