Monday, September 12, 2011

When skates were not quite so fancy . . .

Have you ever talked to someone older than you, and heard the "we didn't have all the things you have today" speech? Giggle! Hey, I've even given that speech to my kids --- they've rolled their eyes and remarked about how I was living alongside the dinosaurs! I think that when they were younger, they half expected to look in the photo album and see a much younger Dad, brandishing a club, and dragging a young Mom by her hair!

Well, in between the "we didn't have a car, or ride the bus to school --- we walked five miles uphill both ways . . .and in the snow!" routine, and the "we didn't have Nintendos and things like that" one, too, are some elements of truth. Our block today is a nod to that simpler era of the early thirties.

My mom-in-law has told us how her friend and she would walk to school together. They had a certain place to meet, and if one girl wasn't at the meeting place, the other would wait if she could.  If the first friend was in a hurry, she would leave a pair of crossed sticks by the path, so the other would know that she'd gone on her  way. My mother-in-law would often share a pair of skates with Jinks (her best friend); not inline skates, mind you, but a very simple metal pair with a leather strap for fastening each one on. They would each take one skate, balance a Geography book on the skate, and then sit down on it. Then they would whiz down the hills, racing each other and their friends.

I couldn't find what I wanted in the line drawings that I saw, so I drew this skate and key, and turned it into a stitchery for this block. Here it is:

The photo was taken before I squared up the block, so please excuse the wonky edges, there! Oh, and by the way, if you like any of these stitcheries and want to use them, you can find links here on the blog . . . just click here.

This past weekend I put some sashing or lattice strips between the blocks, and now I'll be working on two long blocks of patchwork and stitching. I'll post those as soon as I can!

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  1. I remember these skates!! And we sat on them and road down the hills too. Great stitchery.

  2. Your blocks are turning out so cute!!! I'm just loving all of them!!

  3. Okay, now I feel old. I had a pair of those skates and they worked best if I wore my saddle shoes - lol! Today's skates are sooooooo much better.

  4. I grew up with some of those 'tennis shoes' roller skates. Ha ha. Can't wait to see this finished!

  5. I had a pair of those skates! We used to wear our skate keys on a string around our neck. Not safe I'm sure, but it was like a club.


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