Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If it's Tuesday, It's Muse-Day!

Sunbonnet Sue --- what does that phrase bring to mind?
For some of us, Sunbonnet Sue is a cherished quilt pattern; maybe it's a quilt in our possession, made by loving hands just for us.

For others, Sunbonnet Sue is a favorite pattern for which we have carefully selected fabrics and set them aside, mumbling something about "starting that one early in 2015." (I have to admit that I'm in this group!)

We don't have anyone building a Sunbonnet Sue quilt on Ole Frog Eyes, but it sure would be a good project to put there!

Many times we see Sue in different color dresses. Same style, different colors. Hmmm, should we get her a gift card for Macy's childrens' department?

Sometimes we see Sue doing different activities. Sometimes she will hold a broom, or a kite string, but that's about the extent of it. The little girl doesn't get to explore too much. Maybe that's one reason why she's so shy, and won't look over this way.

Sue even has a friend named Sam --- he's shy, too.

And sometimes they play with pets!

I was rambling about on the interwebz and found something that inspired me --- hence the Muse-Day post! What do you think that Sunbonnet Sue might look like, if she grew up?  And would she let us see her face? 

I'd like you to check out these "grown-up" appliques . . . they make me think of Sue, but as if she had done some growing up! Click here to see The Bonnet Girls! Aren't they cute? You can create scenes for a quilt, a wallhanging, and more, using the patterns available at that site.

I called Luann Burke, and she is just as nice as she can be. She gave me permission to show you one or two of the patterns, so you can see just how sweet they are! This one is called "The Music Room."

I love the kitty peeking into the room!

There are a lot of Bonnet Girls to choose from: country, Christmas, even gentlemen, too! They can ride in autos, enjoy a tree swing, shop in the town, and lots more!

Look at the details here --- and we can catch a glimpse of a lady's face! Some of you applique artists out there might want to check out the Bonnet Girls site and add some of the patterns to your wish list!

I thought this was really inspiring, although my applique skills are probably not up to this detail, yet!

Maybe in early 2015?



  1. Sunbonnet Sue scans the ages and heritage of quilting doesn't she.

  2. hehehe...Sunbonnet Sue is so cute!! My applique skills are ummmm...practically non-existent....maybe someday :)

  3. I saw a Sunbonnet Sue in floral overalls the other day - it was so cute!

  4. Love Sunbonnet Sue and Sam!
    My first official quilt I quilted on my long arm machine in 2003 was a Baby Sunbonnet Sue Quilt. Thanks for the share, as it made me go down memory lane thinking about it!
    Congrats on winning over at Sew We Quilt! I won a couple weeks ago!

  5. Hmmm, I would like to do these right along with you in 2015. I love them!


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