Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mary Tribute for Muse - Day!

Howdy! Elby here!

Today, we've got something *really* scrumptious for you! It's a quick project, and a sweet gift for the Mary Engelbreit fan who thinks she's got everything . . . Well, she hasn't got CHERRY CHARMS!

Yep, that's right. Cherry Charms. It's a mix of fuzzy dice and a quilter emblem.  :)

Wanna see the finished charms? You do?? Aw, you guys are a great audience!!

Don't you want 'em?! I know, I know! Well, stay tuned!  :)

To make these adorable little berries, you'll need some scraps of "fuzz" fabric in red and green, a length of brown cord, and some small scraps of cotton --- and I know you've got those.

Optionally, you can use potpourri for some of the innerds.  ^-^

The pattern for this project is available over in our little filing
cabinet at Google Docs.

Now, to get started! Print out the pattern, and cut it out along the solid lines.

Then, you'll need to cut out your fabric.

Remember to flip over the leaf pieces when you cut them the second time!

You'll use the guide piece to mark the darts on the cherries. I broke all protocol for this part, though. Since the fabric is thick, I used a marker . . . yep. It was stinky, but fast. You can use chalk or thread if you like, but just make sure each point on each triangle stays visible.

(Yes, I know . . . Snoodles has informed me that markers are a forbidden item . . . But they do work! haha)

Now comes the part that took a bit for me to finish because I'm a rookie . . . You'll need to sew or tack up each dart. [Dun, dun, DUNNN!] I'm pretty sure there's a faster way than the one I chose, but it works! That's always my motto. I may not be a master at something, but as long as I can make it work, I know I'm improving.  :)

Look! A CHERRY!!!

If some of the nap of the fabric is caught in the dart, pull it out with your needle.

Heh, heh. Smudgy fingers.  ^-^

Pin each side to its mate, right sides together, positioning the sides so that the darts don't overlap. That would be much too thick to sew through.

I was adventurous, at this point, and sewed the cherries on the machine with a (sort of) 1/4 inch seam allowance. It was the first time I'd used the special stretch stitch. I'm afraid I didn't manage it properly, though. Luckily, nothing shows!  :)

Remember to leave a small opening to pull the cherry right-side-out. That's the next step.

Now, stuff the cherries with fabric scraps and smelly stuff if you got it. I didn't have any potpourri on hand, so it's just got that "new project smell".  :)

A pen will come in very handy at this point, by the by.

There. Now, it's time to cut out a length of cord for the stems. I had some rustic string that I braided together, and knotted at both ends. The finished cord was about 14 inches long from knot to knot.

Insert the ends of the cord to the openings, and sew up the cherries. If you wanted, you could attach a little hook and loop tape to the last bit of the opening to allow you to open the cherry and squirt a little potpourri super-charger in from time to time.

NOW THEN, the leaves are the final touch!  ^-^  Place the leaf pairs wrong sides together and pin. I used a blanket stitch with embroidery floss around the edges of the leaves. It doesn't really show up, but it does give the leaves a bit of a curve, and scallops the edges.  :)

Tack them onto the cord about 1 or 2 inches off center. This will let the cherries bounce off of each other better.

THERE! Isn't it cute?!  :D  I've decided to put them over a part of a lamp on Snoodles' desk. It's rather festive!

That's all for this week's inspiration --- I hope it gives you plenty of good ideas!

And I'd love to see variations, so if you make them for yourself or a friend, send us a photo!

And, as always, this blog is brought to you by Ole Frog Eyes!


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