Friday, September 9, 2011

New Arrivals at DewberryLane!

Hi everyone! I'm as happy as a penguin on an ice slide . . .

 YEEE - HAAA!! Outa my way, I'm headed into the water!!

Why am I celebrating? Why, because today is Friday! LOL  And I'm hoping to spend some time in my happy spot (my sewing area) this weekend!

Speaking of which, I wanted to give ya'll a shout-out about some new things popping up over at Dewberry Lane! They are one of our fabulous sponsors, and they have some new arrivals that might make your sewing time lots of fun . . .

First, I saw that Rachel had the Shaggy Mosaic Jeans E-pattern from Brassy Apple. Since many areas of the country are already feeling an autumn "nip" in the air, ya'll might be thinking of putting aside those shorts and pulling out some jeans. This innovative technique will transform new or worn jeans into an individualized, one-of-a-kind fashion statement!

And the best part is that since it is an E-pattern, you can hold the nine pages of instructions in your hot little hands just moments after you purchase --- no waiting for the postman!

Another pattern that caught my eye was the Kitschy Corset Apron . . .

 . . . the DewberryLane site promises that it will "bring some heat" to a kitchen near you! (Hmmm, perhaps one of you special peeps can try this out and let me know the results?! LOL) 

Don't forget, now, you can click on their button on the left-hand side of our blog page, and sign up for their newsletter --- and they pick one of their subscribers each month for a free pattern! While you are there, look around at the great selection of notions and other patterns . . . you'll like what you see there!

Have a lovely weekend; we'll be back with another thirties block on Monday!!



  1. Some fun things going over there, will have to go and pay them a visit!!


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