Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Thirties Block!

Whoo hooo! I got another block done, and just have to show it off! This is for the memory quilt for my mom-in-law, and if any of you are dropping by for the first time, click here and here to see the blocks we've already showed, and to read the stories behind them.

Here is the block that I designed:

Elby suggested that I use the traditional Sunbonnet Sue block, but put two of the girls, for this block --- and here is the reason why: can you see the words stitched below the two little "sues"? It says, "the Gold Dust Twins" right below them.

(And yes, I know I got them a little bit "off" on the block! I'm going to add a few more stitched "sparkles" and try to balance it a little.)

Back to our story . . . one of her sisters was born less than two years before her, and they played together constantly, and even looked a lot alike --- her daddy called them "his gold dust twins." At the time, there was a popular brand of soap that carried that name. She has told us of that nickname many times, so Elby and I thought we should make a memory block for that. I'm sure that many of us can identify with having a special nickname used by our family; hers was even more special since she had so little time with her daddy before he died.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing another block in this special quilt. It may be a few days before I have another to show you; the last two are fairly involved!

In the meantime, why not leave me a comment, and tell me what nickname your family called you?



  1. What a cute block and love the story!

  2. That is just the cutest block!!! I wish I had a sweet childhood nickname to share, but I don't :(

  3. Wonderful block so full of memories. My family never really had nicknames for each other - unless you count my sister and I calling each other very bad names - lol!

  4. Smiley. That was my nickname and it is because I didn't smile much. My family didn't call me that but I spent much time at my dad's work and all his employees called me that so it stuck.

    I love your is wonderful...loving each block!

  5. Mine was Little Lou Lou....and it drove me crazy when they yelled it out at sporting events. I'm not sure why the nickname, but my mom just got me some framed really old lou lou comic books that are pretty cool so I will forgive them for now. They said it wasn't the comic that started the nickname...just something my dad started calling me. Maybe one day he will remember why. Until then I will accept more vintage comic books as payment for the embarrassment.

  6. Just adorable. What great blocks!


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