Thursday, October 22, 2020

DragonDrop approved

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Hi kids!

Those of you who have followed here for a while know that we have two cute mascots here; one is called Padsworth, and he's a true Renaissance frog who is into all kinds of crafts and sewing and quilting. He even has his own project for shelter pets!

The other is his friend, small in stature but huge in heart: DragonDrop, who came to America all the way from Mairi in the "Land down under," when she sent him on his way to us.

Together, they are an awesome team of Quilt Inspectors, Craft Enablers, and All-Around-Good-Guys who keep us on our toes here at the Lilypad.

DragonDrop was checking out my latest stitching when I washed away the Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy, which is a fabulous product reviewed in this post and in this one. (Click on that green link there and you'll be whisked away to check out how to purchase some for your very own!)

Apparently, he has heartily approved my latest efforts!

This is another one of the Psalm 23 blocks from Jenny Elefantz. (Click on that graphic on the right-hand sidebar of the blog, and you can find all the blocks and instructions from our talented friend, Jenny.)

Here's a close-up:

I have just a few more to do and I'll be ready to turn these into a  . . . . well, you tell me. Jenny makes a lovely book, but I'm betting that they'd make a sweet quilt, too.

What would you do with these blocks?



  1. I love your stitching, and the saying to go with it or I should say scriptures.

  2. Beautiful! Your stitching is beautiful! You’ve got the highest authority of approval there.

  3. Your stitcheries are gorgeous, and soothing.


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