Monday, August 31, 2020

Part II - Stick n Stitch!

Stick n Stitch review, Part II!

Spoiler alert!

This stuff is awesome!

Guess I just gave it away, huh?
Oh, is the stitchery just finished. All of the embroidery is done, and we are ready for the Big Experiment. 

I included this as a close up because there IS a warning that I need to give you. 
Stop hyperventilating.
It will be OK.
It's just that I noticed when I took my project outside, the product shrank a tiny bit. Now, if you don't stitch outside like I do (in the Southland, and in high humididity) then you will probably never, ever have it happen!
See the difference between the line printed on the Stick n Stitch, and the edge of the applique, underneath? It was about 95 percent humidity that day! That was the only time I ever felt the needle get a little sticky, too. So, that may never be a problem that you encounter.
See, I told you it would be OK.

Now we can get back to our review.

I trimmed the Stick n Stitch so I didn't have so much hanging loose; I don't guess that's required, but it seemed logical to me. As an ISTJ, I'm all about the logic. (Grin)

Now we are ready for a bath. No, no, I don't mean us, I mean the embroidery piece! 
I got a plastic container and put in some tap water, and floated the piece in it. It slowly sank into the tepid water, tiny bubbles twirling up from the edges like miniature divers surfacing for air. 
OK, enough drama here.

After the piece was saturated, I saw little flakes of Stick n Stitch coming up off the fabric! How exciting! I hadn't even touched it yet!! 

You can embiggen the picture and see the bits of stabilizer coming free! 

I am SO pleased with the Sulky Stick n Stitch. It was an easy process from beginning to end. 
Printing on the product was clear and clean, and so much better than tracing. Rinsing off the stablizer was fast and easy to do. 
Here is the embroidery ready to dry:

And here it is, dry and pressed flat. 

I'm giving this Sulky Stick n Stitch the Five Ribbit rating!! It's awesome! Go for it, Padsworth!

Ribbit Ribbit, Ribbit Ribbit, Ribbit!!

Whew! A workout for the froggie!

Seriously, I am truly impressed with this and I plan to use it extensively on my upcoming projects. I hope that you have enjoyed the review, and that if you have some embroidery and relaxation coming up, that you will click on one of the links and grab some Sulky Stick n Stitch for yourself! It's only a smidgeon more than one dollar per sheet! If you prefer larger sheets of product, instead of the 8 x 11, then you can click on this link, instead: Sticky Fabri-Solvy. That is a link for the 20 inch by 36 inch package. 

I know you are going to love it! (And yes, those are affiliate links, but they won't cost you a penny!)

Thanks for hanging in there and listening to my ramblings! 



  1. Guess what???? I can get it here in New Zealand, NZ $2 per sheet, print, stick, stitch, wash away, Love your finished piece. This is a dream, and although I do not do much stitching like this, would be so handy to have.

  2. First off, you write a fun post to read. Wow, I loved reading how you learned not to stitch outside in high humidity. I would have that problem as well. Your stitching is always precise and so beautifully stitched.

  3. Glad it all worked out for you. It is a great product.

  4. I'm with you. I love this product especially for larger patterns. I have a small light box for drawing out small pieces.

  5. I have been using it for sashiko to repair the kids jeans, they are loving the patches and i love that it is easy to keep my stitches straight.


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