Monday, October 19, 2020

Judy's blocks

Hi kids!

Padsworth here, to announce that today, we have some blocks to show you! These are stunning Summer Moon units that one of our wonderful Lilypadquilting followers has created!

Stand up and take a bow, Judy! 


Judy is doing a great job of keeping up the project, in spite of the pandemic -- when she began this Summer Moon journey, it was part of a community (can we say, quilting party?) that met at a local quilt shop to construct blocks and fellowship together. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, they've been unable to meet, but Judy has continued to create these lovely blocks from the Summer Moon book.

Great job, Judy, and thank you so much for sharing with us!

If you are sewing along with us on the Summer Moon sampler quilt, and you would like for us to feature your blocks, be sure to let us hear from you!

Happy sewing, y'all!




  1. Thanks for posting about my blocks and the nice things you said about them.


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