Friday, October 5, 2018

Telling ya about a freebie!

Are you read to go from "Gee, I wish I could," or "I wish I could learn that skill," to "lookie what I did!"?

Starting today, you can get started with Craftsy Bluprint for FREE!

From October 5th through October 12th, Craftsy is unlocking thousands of expert-taught classes to help you get to "Lookie what I made!"

Bluprint Get Started Event: Watch All Classes + Shows For Free at 10/5-10/12/18. No coupon code needed.

You'll find projects, recipes, patterns and more in over twenty categories.

Channel your inner creative muse, and get into quilting, knitting, art projects and more!

Everything is FREE this week!

Just click on that picture at the top, and if everything works correctly, you'll be whisked away through cyberspace to the Craftsy Bluprint site.  (If it DOESN'T work correctly, click on this linkie!)

Watch and learn for FREE for a week!  'Scuse me, but I'm headed over there to watch some free motion quilting lessons!  And then some gardening....and then I saw this cool crochet project.....oh! and a paper piecing series! (grin)



  1. Oooh...Thanks for sharing about this. I have already tagged a few videos to watch in the next few day.

  2. Thanks for the head's up--I have a few on my list to check out too!


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