Thursday, October 18, 2018

Slowly but surely....

Pardon the poor photo....... it was raining and very little light coming in from my window. 

But I wanted to show you that slowly, slowly, as I find time to play, a pattern is emerging!

How about you?

Have you gotten too busy for sewing time? Make a few minutes each day!



  1. Looking great, and what a super pattern.Lovely colours with the white to show off that design.

  2. Looks great! Isn't it satisfying when it all starts to come together.

  3. It looks great Jacque. SO many little pieces in this pattern. I could never start one like that. I’d end up with enough of it done to make a pillow! Then I’d be ready to move on. LOL. I applaud your patience for this pattern.

  4. Love the blocks that are growing slowly, it’s so nice to have a project that is not only a scrap buster, but also brings back memories of all the fabrics you’ve used form way back when. I’ve got something quite similar on the go,


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