Friday, October 26, 2018

Poly Fil and Poly Pellets, and more!

Padsworth here, to announce our newest blog sponsor! I think you'll love them! Ribbit!

Fairfield may be new to some of you -- I've used their products for years, so I wanted to introduce them to you! I love their battings, and their weighted stuffing beads, "Poly Pellets" are my go-to when making stuffed animals and remote caddies.

(In compliance with FTC guidelines, please assume the following: any of the links on the Lilypad may be affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same to you. It's what keeps the lights on here at the Lilypad, and keeps the sewing machine humming!)

Fairfield has a broad assortment of quilt battings in pre-cut sizes, bulk rolls, and in bolts. I love that they offer renewable-resourced battings: cotton, bamboo, and wool, in addition to the many polyester styles they offer.

Are you like me? Do you prefer to shop from "Made in America" items? Never fear, Fairfield's American Spirit line is your new friend!

Those pellets I mentioned? Combine them with the popular PolyFil product to make adorable animals!

The Poly pellets are great for creating therapeutic sensory items: they work well in play objects and in weighted vests for calming.

Making bags and purses? Crafting projects? You'll love Fairfield's huge assortment of interfacings. It's like a menu at the diner -- so many choices! Do you want to stick, stabilize, soften or support? Your interfacing can solarize (provide a thermal barrier), smooth, structure, stiffen, or shield from allergens!  Amazingly awesome alliteration, right?

I really love this product, Oly's an easy to use material that comes in lots of colors. It can be used indoors or outdoors! Look at these great ideas you can use just in time for Halloween!
Indoor/outdoor garland....

A treats tote bag....

Decor for the Halloween party.....

Clicking on any of those links will whisk you away to the inspiration page at Fairfield -- you'll see oodles of projects and instructions there!

Last, but not least, I'm always happy with companies that find ways to give back - Fairfield's We Make For Good project is a wonderful program; they love to post stories about peeps who use Fairfield products to create things for their communities -- and they select projects to fund with special We Make For Good grants!

I only introduce y'all to products and companies that I've used myself, and I hope you will click on these links and get to know Fairfield World. 

I believe you will like what you find! From inspiration to shopping online, Fairfield is a great resource for our quilting and crafting communities!



  1. I have used the pellets to make an oblong camera support bag, divided into 3 sections, like a bean bag. And the interfacing selection, those words run together so well, what choices.

  2. I bought poly pellets for my kids to improve there sensory skills. They are really helpful, get them easily at one stop sensory shop.


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