Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A sneak peek -- and some farm animals

We love quilting here at the Lilypad.

We love it too much sometimes.

If you are like me, you not only have UFOs (Unfinished Objects) in your sewing area, you also have PIGS..... (Grin)

No, no, not those PIGS.

These PIGS -- Project in Grocery Sack!!

Or ziploc bag or even the box the fabric shipped in, if we fell off the stash wagon and purchased some!

You've done this, too, I just know you have! You have a pattern and you pull some fabric and think to yourself, "Self, I don't want you to forget that this fabric goes with this pattern!" So you put everything into a bag and put it aside for just a little while......

Some are large PIGS and take up a good bit of room. Some are smaller and don't take up too much room, and could easily be finished in a weekend.

But they lurk in our sewing areas and we may even pull them out and pat them sometimes, and talk to them, but we "have so much going on" in our lives that we don't get any work done on them!

(No, that's not my sewing room. Just wishful thinking on my part.)

I found one of my PIGS recently and just "took a notion" as my Grandma used to say, and started working on it!

What I found in my bag were charm packs of a fabric collection by Sandy Klop (American Jane) by Moda. The packs are called "Le Petite Poulet," which I believe translates loosely to "the little chicken," since there are some chickens on some of the squares! Chicken wire on some of them, too!

The fabrics are so much fun! Reds, yellows, blues, and greens. 
I want to give credit where credit is due.....this particular PIGS was from a blog post by Karrielynne over at Freckled Whimsy, four or five years ago. 

I also found some charm packs of Bella Solid white in the bag. 

I made HSTs. 

I made lots of HSTs.
In fact, I made over 150 HSTs. (Grin)

And then I made four patches. 
Yep, you got it, lots of four patches! Only about 80 of those.

Now I just have to find time to finish getting all of these squared up!!

I'm linking up this week with Lorna, over at the Let's Bee Social party! Hop back over and see what she's making -- cute hedgehogs and more!

Stay tuned, I will post more on this project soon!



  1. Beautiful fabric in the last photo, like a paisley, this will be a beauty.

  2. My PIGS are such friendly creatures. They sit on a shelf forever waiting their turn in the trough ( er......sewing machine ) I pat them occasionally and it seems enough! :)

  3. I think my pigs breed and make piglets when I am not looking. That is the only possible explanation for their ever increasing numbers...

  4. Yes, PIGS, PIBs (projects in boxes), UFOs, WIPS, and even a WIGSP (work in glacially slow progress) - I've got 'em. Congrats on getting yours out of the grocery sack and under the needle. Looks like a fun and cute project!

  5. Love the new term and I find that if I find one of my "Pigs" that I love the fabric still but don't often like the pattern so change it completely and it usually means buying more fabric for the new pattern as well!!! Tee Hee!!! Hugs, Susie xx

  6. I have PIG's in my world too. I'm working on birthing them into finished projects though....slowly, one at a time. I have interrupted that progress recently by sewing 2 (count em 2!) quick projects out of stash. Amazing wonders happening here!

  7. Like how you take a notion! I have to admit I had 3 UFOs and A couple of projects WITW (waiting in the wings) but not really set aside for later. Just set far enough to the side to get the quilt quilted. I don’t like unfinished business. I finished 1 UFO. I’m half way done quilting a 2nd UFO. And the 3rd one will get finished after a WITW gets quickly finished. Believe me, they will get finished. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of sewing all those HSTs and 4Patches together. There sure are a lot of each!


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