Sunday, September 16, 2018

Picking alternate winners!

Sometimes these things happen.....

We had two winners who did not respond to our announcement, and I had no way of reaching them. No emails given!

I'm sad for them, but happy for two other Lilypad followers who will be happy dancing about their prizes soon!

First, the wonderful patterns from Jacquelynne Steves - two complete Block of the Month lovelies!

Our winner is Molly and Rex's mom, Christine, from "down under." You can see her awesome blog at this link. 

Congrats on winning the prize!

Then, the Hoffman Fabrics prize bundle! A huge stack of gorgeous fat quarters!

Our winner is Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts! She blogs here at this link, and she entered a wonderful custom quilt in our show.


We'll be emailing you soon and your sponsor will send your prizes!

Thanks for participating in the 2018 Pets on Quilts Show!!



  1. Cool! Molly and Rex will be happy for their Mummy!

  2. hello, i won, but am unable to get in touch concerning my email address. i provided one on my application. , ,


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