Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vintage find

I found something the other day that really cranked my much so, that I researched the pattern and started pulling fat quarters from my stash!

Let me show you!

Look at this old beauty....

Here's a peek at the quilting, too (I bumped up the contrast so that you could see this lovely hand quilting):

I found that it is called by many 1928 it was called "Hummingbird," and in 1933 it was named "Kites," and then in 1938 it was christened "Arkansas Snowflake"!  I've even seen it referred to as "Job's Troubles"!

Whatever it's called, I call it pretty!
From the amount of wear that I see, I'm theorizing that someone took a well-loved quilt and gave it new life with that lavender border, but I could be wrong. I'd like to restore it, but I'm scared to death of messing with it. (Grin)

I guess the best thing will be to make a new one in honor of the old!

My stash is calling!



  1. It's wonderful. I think that if it were mine I would cut the lavender boarder off and put a new binding on the original center quilt in a white or off white to match the quilt. It looks like (from the computer photos) that the center is hand-quilted and that the boarder is machine quilted, if that's correct then I would certainly do what I suggested . . . that is if it were mine :)
    Please come over and get in on my 6th year blogging anniversary Give-A-Way.
    Happy quilting.
    Connie :)

  2. This is a treasure. All that beautiful hand stitching, maybe in the days when it was stretched onto a frame, and friends gathered to join in as well, If it isn't too threadbare, maybe keep it as it is, and do a new one in a similar colour style.Lovely border, and the stitching there, so neat and symmetrical.

  3. I have one like this my grandma made. She called it Arkansas Snowflake, too. I have this on my "someday" list and even have a template set for it!

    Sandy A

  4. Missouri Star Quilt Co. has some stuff on this. You might want to look at their site for “wacky web”.

  5. It is a beauty! I think it was well loved!

  6. I love it and I think it is a good idea to make your own because eventually it will become a beloved piece like this one is. Can't wait to see your's when it is done. Happy New Year. Hugs, Susie xx

  7. She is indeed beautiful. I use a lot of my vintage quilts. I'll admit carefully, I just cannot see not displaying the beautiful work.

  8. That truly is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing your remake.


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