Sunday, January 14, 2018

Don't miss it!

Remember our friends at Stella Lighting?

Remember this lovely, my "Emmy" light? (Mary Engelbreit graphics!)

Would ya like to have one for your very own?

I just got word that they are having a bodacious (yes, that is a word) sale! Their text is right on the money:

              You craft. You quilt. You knit and you stitch.
You invest endless hours in the art you create.
You work hard, and so do your eyes. You take care to perfect the art you create. Now it's time to take care of your eyes, which make it all happen. Invest in a Stella and invest in you.

You can save 25% on any Stella Light!!! Oh my goodness, yes!
Use the promo code at checkout: imetstella

Now, this sale is over after Sunday, January 21, 2018, so hop over and take a peek at the wonderful Stella lights! (They are currently sold out of the Stella SKY TWO floor lamps, but they are expected to ship on February 9th, so if your heart is set on one of those, just chill and it will arrive soon.)

I just wanted y'all to know.....



  1. Why not, if you are in the right country !! I have a desk light, LED lamps, flexible stem, and can have it right on the sewing under the needle. A necessity, so I suggest " invest"!!!


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