Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I have a question....

Remember my project to use up half-square triangles and scraps?

I did this....

And I did this....

Now I'm doing this..... I cut some Kona the size of the front/back of the sham, and started playing with fabric squares.

It's going to be a pillow sham. (Grin)

There will be two, so here is the other. 

I'm showing you the process here. Laying out all these little scrap blocks in order to make a star, then choosing some of the low-volume ones to go around it. (Those center squares are such sumptuous prints; they look very similar because they are just different color ways of the same print.)

(If you are new to quilting, low-volume means fabrics that don't jump out at you like Padsworth does when he is bored on the lilypad. They are not so bright or intense; the contrast is turned down like the volume on your ipod when you don't want someone to hear you listening during a business meeting.)

I digress.
And don't anyone tell my associates that I do that in meetings....
Anyway, there are the two sham tops -- I'm going to use some Kona white for the backs of the shams, too, because there is a lot of white in that quilt for the bed.

Here is one with the squares stitched together:

Here is my question: should I stay low volume on the rest of the front? Or should I crank up the volume and use some of these brighter, more intense colors? I have about 3.5 inches to get to the measurement that I need. Yeah, when you stitch all those cuties together, it kinda shrinks things up and you need more of a border than you first thought. Don't ask how I know to say that, OK? Just smile and read on....

Here is a sample of a higher-volume border...

And here is the lower-volume....

Which one do you vote for?

Let me know in the comments!



  1. Lower volume. Seriously. (and what is Kona?)

  2. I vote for the higher-volume border - but that's just my personal preference. You said that they were going to be pillow shams - I assume for a bed - so my question to you is "What does the quilt/covering of the bed look like?" Then - "Do you want it to blend in or stand out?" Guess that's two questions - LOL - ;))

  3. High volume. I like the way it frames it and actually makes the rest of it stand out, or at least I think so.

  4. I love your center fabrics and so love your valance and pillow

  5. I would go for the higher volume border. Creates more interest a nd pulls it together more.

  6. So pretty! I prefer the higher-volume border. You should enter this project in this week's challenge at Persimon Dreams blog! The theme is "triangles"! Lots of prizes too!

  7. The higher ones, but remove the dark reds and greens with the red flowers. This gives a lovely frame. Good way to use those smaller squares.

  8. Your valance is so cute. You are very clever.

  9. I think the higher volume would frame it out better but I do like both. Beautiful fabrics.

  10. I like the high volume - I think it keeps the viewer's eye moving and is more interesting - but I would try to use mostly red/warm colors.

  11. I would do the high volume for sure.

  12. Hi like the high volume better too.


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