Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Can't wait to show y'all . . . .

. . . . the finished project!


It's done!  (Grin) You know that fabulous feeling, right? You planned and sewed and sandwiched and bound the edges, and, and . . . . well, now I get to show it off!!

Here ya go, the latest from the guest bedroom:

The vintage white chenille spread is a great backdrop for all those sweet prints and tone-on-tone fabrics.  It's one of those cherished treasures that has been in the family for millennia. Well, maybe not that long, but for a pretty good while. (Grin)

Once again, the fabrics are from the gorgeous (and out of print) Butterscotch and Rose collection from Fig Tree and Co. for Moda, combined with Kona white cotton.

Here's a pic of the shams in all their beauty (and I really think they are beautiful!):

Here is a photo showing the quilt folded on the foot of the bed, and all the pillows:

You can see that the white spread also helps to tone down that intense granny-apple-green on the walls, too. I like that it takes that green and almost makes it a neutral!

The valance picks up the colors by using the left over triangles from the quilt:

Now, this particular fabric collection may be out of print, but you could always adapt this to any layer cake of fabric that you prefer -- the blocks are simple and quick! The pattern name is called "Blossom." 

Be sure to stop in over at the Fat Quarter Shop for your Kona solids.... wow! Have they ever got the variety of colors there! (And if you do shop there, start with our linkie if you don't mind  -- it's an affiliate link. That means that we will get a small reward for your purchase, but it doesn't raise your price one penny! Just helps us to bring you more merriment and mayhem from the Lilypad!!)

And there is more of that merriment on the way! Stay tuned!



  1. What an inviting guest bedroom. Looks so cozy/comfy. Your pillows and quilt on the white chinelle work so well together and perfect for the color of the walls. Looks like it should be in a magazine. Great job.


  2. The pillows and quilt go so nicely with the chenille bedspread. I remember falling asleep on one and waking up with the imprint on my face - many times.

  3. your colour combination with the bedspread, beautiful. A guest would be in dreamland so soon, resting on the delightful pillows. A super collection of fabrics you used.And the window frill, all matched up perfectly.It suits the bedhead to a Capital T.!!

  4. Wow! It all looks gorgeous together. Guests will not leave when they are supposed too! Karen, Hannah and Baa. xxx

  5. They are beautiful and I love that bed spread, too. Your guests will never want to leave, with such a lovely room to stay in:)
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  6. They are gorgeous, Love the room. I'm a chenille person myself.
    Getting ready to make a jacket out of some vintage cutter chenille spreads.

  7. What a pretty room! The pillows look amazing on the chenille, and I love the green walls.

  8. Beautiful!! I agree with all of the previous comments - your guests will never want to leave - ever - ;))

  9. I think they are beautiful and I just love the fabrics. My only gripe is that you see some great fabric but it is out of date and all sold and you can never find similar ones. I have a quilt to make for a June Birthday and wanted some really bright fabric which I used to have and cannot find it anywhere. Oh well it just means I have to go in lots more shops to look for what I need, tee hee. Hugs, Susie xx


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