Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Green Fairy Quilts sponsors again in August!

Have you ever seen a green fairy? 
I have!
Or at least, I've seen the fairy's online store! (Grin)
Many of you know our buddies at Green Fairy Quilts. Clint and Judi Madsen have a lovely store filled with gorgeous pre-cuts!

And you may know Judi from photos like this:

She works magic as she quilts -- so inspiring!
Right now, there is a wonderful sale going on:

I know I may have lost half of you by announcing that, cos that is a great sale, and y'all are probably clicking and drooling now. 
Well, for the rest of you that have modeled exemplary self-discipline, and are still reading (grin), here are some examples of the "newly arrived" lovelies in the store.....

French General for Christmas! Yummy!
And check out these new bundles, too!

Truly wonderful shipping -- one low rate for all orders in the United States!

The Green Fairy Quilts team is sponsoring a prize in our Pets on Quilts Show again this year! 
And wait till you see....
Got something ready? A tissue? A handkerchief? (This is drool-worthy!)

It's a HUGE bundle of fat eighths!!!!

Awesome, right? 

Here's what I'd like for you to do.....make sure that you are signed up for the newsletter that the Green Fairy team sends out.

While you are there, take your time and look around....there may be some lovelies that want to come home with you!

And then, hop over to Judi's blog and check out what she's been up to. And if you have time, leave a comment to thank them for sponsoring our show in August!

Thank you, Green Fairy Quilts!



  1. Great sponsors! I just got one of their great bundles today. 😊

  2. Wonderful, i love Green Fairy Quilts! and the 30's prints are super fun!


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