Monday, June 12, 2017

First sponsor! TQPM!

Our Pets on Quilts show is coming! In August!

And our first sponsor feature is for a brand new sponsor!

But I think you will remember them. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is an awesome resource, and they are also a partner to those of us who have a squishy place in our hearts for rescue pups and kittens!

Remember these cuties in our alerts from the TQPM Small Kennel Quilt team?

Just wait until you hear -- there is so much more!

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is not one that you will find sitting on the shelves at your local grocery store. . . . it's a digital magazine! And there is so much included! Seriously. I was so impressed.

Let me tell you about it! It's like a cool doorway into an online community of designers and quilters. There are patterns, BOMs, mysteries, and workshops. Each time a new magazine is released, you'll be able to download it and then if you like, print it out! Or just print out the pattern(s) that you find most interesting! The patterns are in pdf format, and are formulated to use ink sparingly, so no worries about printing the templates and patterns!

Do you get frustrated because your shelf space is disappearing? Too many books and magazines of ideas and projects? The Quilt Pattern Magazine saves your shelf space! (And it saves trees, too, since it's not printed and delivered to each subscriber!)

There is an exclusive group called "Pattern Pastiche" -- it's a members-only area where you can connect with other quilters, share thoughts and tips, show off your projects, and even create your own page! You can meet the magazine staff, and chat with other Pastiche members.

When I was checking out their site (here's a linkie) I saw a great Tutorials page -- lots of good information there!

And I noticed that if you subscribe, there's a bonus of five free patterns! Woot!

If you are interested in helping with the Kennel Quilt efforts, you can sign up to be alerted to the needs of the shelters who ask for little quilted  that can be washed and re-used. These are important to help rescue pups and kitties get the rest and comfort they need -- plus, some shelters use the kennel quilts as backgrounds for the photos, and those great snapshots bring in prospective pet families!
If you click on that link up there, you will find tips to make the kennel quilts sturdy and long-lasting!

A year's subscription is just $16.95, and you get fully tested patterns, meet designers and quilters, get templates, join mysteries, workshops, and BOMs, and much more! Once you download the magazine to your computer or tablet, you can print what you wish, 

This is an awesome idea!

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is sponsoring a prize for our Pets on Quilts Show: one lucky winner will be receiving a year's subscription to the digital magazine! (And since I can't win it, I'm heading over to get my own subscription started!)

Go to their site and check out all the bells and whistles -- I think you'll be impressed! And maybe you can make a kennel quilt or two, for the current shelter needs!

More sponsor merriment coming your way soon!



  1. TQPM, a great way to get your pattern fix, and no need for a bigger shelf. Love the wee pups too.

  2. I'm checking out the magazine and of course signed up for the kennel quilts emails :)

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