Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sponsoring our show in August! FQS!

This is one of the Fat Quarter Shop's older bloggie buttons.....but it expresses the idea very well! They really DO have so much (excuse me) sew much more than fabric!

In fact, right now they are celebrating their fourteenth birthday with some awesome flash sales!

The Fat Quarter Shop is offering TWO prizes for our Pet Show in August!

That's right! TWO lucky winners in our show will each have a shopping spree!

And remember what we said about MORE than fabric! Yes, they have lots of choices there, but so much more, too!

Fat quarter bundles....
 Luscious Aurifil thread....

Totes and storage of all sizes.....

 Books and patterns.....

 Oh, and more fabric.....

So, happy birthday to the Fat Quarter Shop!

And many thanks for being a repeat sponsor of our Pet Show!



  1. Lovely goodies, we would all be inspired by those fabrics, books and colours.

  2. And thank YOU for all you are doing to prep for the Pets on Quilts show...your time is appreciated!


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