Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Heat Press Batting Together" Sponsors!

Remember this post when Kooshie photo-bombed us? (Grin)

This was a review of an awesome product, called "Heat Press Batting Together" and it really is a super way to re-use small pieces of batting. (You can click here to see the whole post and more of the cute pup!)

Yep, I know, you can zigzag two pieces together. But this is quick and simple, and you don't end up with that bumpy spot where you joined the pieces!

It holds together very strongly, too! It even stretches! Wowza!

As you can tell, this is a product that the crew here at the Lilypad truly believes in!

The nice folks at Heat Press Batting Together are sponsoring TWO prize packages for lucky winners in August!

Check out their great products at their site.  

I love this applique tape -- steam it on, and steam it off!

The inventor is a quilter, so she knows that sometimes we need different widths and even different colors!

Be sure to watch this video detailing how to use their product for Quilt As You Go (QAYG) projects!

Thanks so much for sponsoring prizes for our August Pet Show, Heat Press!!



  1. I have the white one at 1.5 inches wide, but to use it in the QAYG block method is so nifty. Black, I haven't seen it down here, the white Heat Press 1.5 inch is NZ $23 for a 15 yard roll. I use it to join all those smaller pieces together, a lot better than the zigzag way.

  2. I like to heat press batting together so much quicker.

  3. I had to join batting a few days ago to have enough to finish a project. As I finished zigzagging - I thought, "I could have used some Heat Press Batting Together.

  4. I will have to try this, have lots of 20x108pieces of batting!

  5. Very cool product, I had never seen this before. Thanks


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