Friday, September 27, 2013

Hexie potholder #1

I decided to finish my (big) hexie potholders in two different ways . . . I wanted to see which way turned out the best, or was the easiest way to finish them.

I used two layers of batting and one of Insul-brite inside both potholders. That makes it kinda bulky for the hexie shape, but you don't want your fingers getting scorched, right?  Right!

For the pink one, I put the whole pile of hexies and batting with right sides together against the backing, and stitched almost all the way around -- just left a little stretch open for turning. I also included a surprise in that sandwich -- have you gotten a luscious bundle of fabric goodness from Moda and kept that cute woven tie that was around it?
Have you wondered what you could use it for?


Voila! A hanging loop for the hexi-holder!
Once I turned it out and poked the corners out good, I did a very small meander all over.

Love how the yellow center puffs up now:

Thirties colors are so cheerful!
Here are a couple more pictures to show you the quilting:

And on the reverse:

I used some of my favorite Aurifil thread -- a collection called Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson . . . goes with the Moda fabrics she designed with the same name!
Free motion fun with Aurifil!  I swear, it goes like a knife through butter! No snags, no tangles or breaks! Just pedal to the metal fun!

I'll show you the other hexi-holder soon!



  1. Super cute hexie pot holder. To clarify, did you use three layers of batting (2 regular and one insulbrite)?


  2. Very nicely done and love the use of the Moda tie for your little loop holder.

  3. Oh, I do like that!! Great job of reusing the tag too!

  4. I love these! So adorable! Is there a pattern you used? I'd love to make one. Thank you.

  5. Sweet potholder! I have never made a hexie project. I have only used hexies for applique. LOL

  6. Perfect fabric for these potholders - turned out great! Now we're waiting to see your other method, you teaser, you!

  7. Thanks for sharing. My mom always sent me new pot holders every Christmas, since passing, I have not had any new ones. These will be amazing to make!

  8. What a fabulous pot holder...I will have to use more batting..

  9. what a great project for practicing FMQ! looks cute


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