Thursday, September 5, 2013

A UFO . . . finished!

Hey everybody!

We had a nice nap and we are all recuperated from the Pet Show! We're so glad that everyone had a great time, and we hope all of our friends, old and new, will stick around and see what's happening here at the Lilypad!

Quite a while ago, I showed you a sneaky peek of a project that I was working on....I even thought I was finished with it!

But there was something missing. I just wasn't happy with the overall look of it. 

So, I added some stitching. Lots of stitching. Lots and lots of red stitching to make the stripes on the flag! (Grin)
And personalized it even more than it was!

Take a look!


Me likee now!

I added "8th" in the little star, since my dad-in-law was in the Mighty 8th Air Force. And I put "351st" in the large star, since he was stationed at Polebrook, England, as a part of the 351st Bomber Group.

Here's a closer look:

I like this project much better, now, and I'll get it framed.

Do you ever rework something you thought you'd finished? 



  1. What a special finish. Sometimes it take a while for me to find the perfect final border or binding fabric - so they sit and wait.

  2. Wow! I love it! Made me think of doing something like that for my daughter. Maybe when she is older :) Very beautiful and special.

  3. That's a lovely special quilt. I have projects sitting around waiting for me to be inspired because I know they are missing something.

  4. It is rare that I re-work something but yes, it has happened.

  5. This is a beautiful piece of art and I am sure that it will become a family favourite. I am so glad that you tweaked it until you were happy with it. Now you can hang it and enjoy it every day.
    Thanks so much for sharing it.

  6. Oh that's really wonderful! And I know you will be much happier with it now. I have a problem not obsessing over things that don't really turn out like I expect. I always go back and do something else to it to make it "ok". Great work. Beautiful quilt.

  7. What a touching finish! I think most of us go back and redo something we are not pleased with.

  8. What a great addition to an already wonderful keepsake for the family now and to come! Oh yes, I 'revisit' many a projects!

  9. Awesome! I am glad you revisited this project

  10. Love the way your personalized this... it is now perfect and a wonderful memorial to your loved one.


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