Friday, September 20, 2013

Doin' the Charleston

I love history.

I love Charleston.

I love quilting.

Therefore, when in Charleston, I see things a little differently than others might. (Grin)

I had the opportunity recently to spend some time walking about on my own in the historic district of this wonderful city, and I found inspiration for quilting.

This (above) reminded me of some piecing that I have done, but these next photos are of things that really cranked my tractor . . . got me excited about some free motion quilting projects!

I know it's hard to see, but don't you think that this design would look wonderful in an area that could accommodate a circular motif?

How about this in one of those border areas? I think it might be a good alternative to those feathers that I can't seem to get the hang of! (Wink)

I thought these were cool ideas to fit some spaces in an original (read that quirky) way . . . I like doing things a little differently!

Two more ideas for spaces that can handle circles.  

Those three are photos of some ironwork that just inspired me . . . if my machine had been handy, I'd have had the pedal to the metal!

Thanks for joining me for a walkabout in Charleston!