Monday, February 4, 2013

Pretty and pink

Made some cute pinwheel blocks this weekend . . . 

One of those I-have-fifteen-minutes-what-can-I-get-done times!

I made four blocks for Missy's project:

Check out her post and maybe you can help, too. Got any pink scraps? Follow this tutorial from the Missouri Star youtube videos, and you'll have some made up in no time flat!

I know the little lady recovering from surgery will love them!
I'll have a finish for you tomorrow -- be sure to stop by!



  1. This will be my first project of the day! Thanks for the heads up!! ~karen

  2. Thank you! I shared your link on my blog post today!

  3. Very, very nice!
    Hugs from germany

  4. I had heard about that method but had never seen it. No promises, But I will try to get some blocks made. Mansfield is not fat from me!

  5. Those soft pinks are so pretty!

  6. Those pink blocks are delicate and oh-so-pretty. I have some pretty pink fabric in my stash..... I've never made 'pinwheels'.... but I think I will try tomorrow. Thank you Snoodles for sharing this sweet story.

  7. The blocks themselves are so sweet. But the fact that they will be part of larger project with such heart make them that much more beautiful.


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