Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Green Fairy Giveaway Winner!

A big thank you to all of you who entered our sponsored giveaway!  The folks at Green Fairy Quilt store are an awesome bunch, and we love 'em! We love their selections of fabrics, too, and there is big news this week . . .

Green Fairy is now offering FREE SHIPPING along with their already super prices and stellar service!

It's time to choose our winner, but first, take one more look at this:

 Drool! Apple Jack by Tim and Beck! Yummy!

And cross your fingers:

And watch as DragonDrop puts his little paw into the hat:

And here's our winner!
(Whispering) Never fear, Mr. Random actually picked the winning comment, but we have to humor DragonDrop, don'tcha know? I mean, just think of what an angry dragon can do to all of my lovely fabrics with his flames . . .  (Grin)

It's number 170! See?

And that is Mom2RyandSis, a long-time follower here at Lilypadquilting! She said:

Mom2RyandSis doesn't have a blog, but perhaps she will send us a photo of what she creates with this gorgeous bundle, and let us post it here at the Lilypad!

Now, if you would like a bundle of AppleJack for your very own, and your name is not Mom2RyandSis, you can click here to hop over to Green Fairy store and score some great bargains on super fabrics -- and FREE SHIPPING!! (Grin)  

We'll have more mischief and mayhem here tomorrow, so come back and see us!




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