Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swoon play

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Many of you know that I'm working on a Swoon quilt for my daughter, in some luscious blues, greens and grays from my stash. I thought I would show you some progress . .

Come right in here to my sewing area and I'll show --- whaaaa?

Hey, what is going on here?

(Tapping foot) OK, guys, I'm waiting for an explanation.

Oh, thank you, Padsworth. So DragonDrop wanted to be a super hero? He wanted to use one of my block components for a cape? Hmmmm.

Yes, I see how you were trying to help him. Oh, and you asked Edna? Wow, you really went to the top for your design genius! And she told you no capes?


That's understandable.....looks like you and Mr. Incredible got the same answer, huh?
Well, I have some folks here that would like to see that block completed. 
What are you up to, now?

Careful with that cutter, OK?

Oh, I see, DragonDrop! You changed your plans and decided to be King for the day! Alright, strike a regal pose for the paparazzi!

Giggle! That lop-ear look is quite effective!
Now, may I have my block pieces so that I can finish? Thank you!

Here is my finished block!

And here is a close up so that you can see the pretty fabrics!

Happy sewing to all! I'm off to work on two projects at once! (grin)



  1. Is it a bird, is it a plane NO it is swoonagon!!!!
    Here to fight uneven blocks, misaligned corners and poor seams!! Watch out sewing machine, never again will you break a needle when I start a new project!! Never again will the bobbin run out with an inch to sew!! Swoonagon is here to save quilters sanity everywhere.
    But Padsworth, please be careful with the rotary cutter!! I hope everyone was appropriately proper when the king arrived.

  2. Those wild "children" of yours sure do like to play with the quilting stuff.

  3. Just when you turn your back, they get into something that perhaps they shouldn't....just like my kidlets do. The quilt is just lovely. Th antics as always are very amusing.

  4. Padsworth looks like he is laughing behind King Dragondrop.

  5. do you remember THUNDERHEAD??? no... capes!!
    I'd LIKE to help you, but I can't.... I' like to help you to fill out a form, but I can't..... gosh. I love the incredibles..... every bit of it, is great....
    BTW... I think you NEED to be more flexible. (with letting them wear capes)
    I know they are both secret SUPERS. right

  6. Wow...that looks beautiful! I love that Swoon pattern.

  7. You are having too much fun over there....

    love the block!

  8. LOL thanks for the giggles! Love your block. Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm glad you got those two rascals straightened out so you can continue sewing! Love the colors in that swoon!!!

  10. this turned out so pretty! I like that green print. this is going to be a beautiful quilt

  11. Ah, a pretty new swoon block! I love that swirly green print too.

  12. LOL! DragonDrop is so silly. I love the new Swoon block =D

  13. Your block is gorgeous. I have GOT to make a swoon... that's all there is to it!

  14. How do you get any work done around there with those two about?!!! Funny! Your block is beautiful.

  15. Love the block and your points look fantastic! You always make me smile!

  16. Cute cape. Love your swoon block. I so want to make this design. Your piecing is perfect. Wish mine was as good.


  17. It's always fun to sew with a companion!! Loving this block.


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