Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Success! I got it quilted and the binding is done!

I'm linking up with Katherine's "Thursday Favorites Blog Hop"!! This quilt that I just finished is one of my favorite things....you can read about some of the blocks by clicking on the Tutorials page, and then on the stitcheries links......
And just in time, too! The birthday girl turns 89 today!

I was really scrambling to find time to complete the memory quilt, but I'm happy to say it is done! Most of the quilting is "stitch in the ditch" on the blocks, and I outline quilted around the embroidered sections. I thought some of you might like to see some of it . . .

I stitched music notes in strategic places . . .

And I stitched bubbles for the fishies, too . . .

Kinda hard to see them, but they're there!!

The backing was a nice dark pink tone-on-tone that my sis gave to me (thank you sweetie!) and I think that she will like it, since pink is one of her fav colors!

I really love scrappy bindings, and I found a tutorial that I really liked, so I want to pass the word along to you. I have had troubles with bindings in the past, but this worked wonderfully for me. AmandaJean at CrazyMomQuilts, posted this tutorial and I followed it pretty closely.  I did change the width of the strips that I cut --- AmandaJean suggests 2.25 inches, but I cut mine at 2.0. I really like how that narrow binding looks on a quilt that is trying to resemble an antique!

I had a lovely picture of the roll of binding, ready to go on the quilt, but I find now that I deleted it accidentally.  :(  Just one of the perils of this digital world!

So here is my finished memory quilt, ready to go in the bag, and be presented tomorrow! Hope she is happy with it!

And I hope you enjoyed seeing this finish!



  1. Who wouldn't love that?! Gorgeous!

  2. How cute - sucker for pinwheels here. Perfect back - love the added special stitching.

  3. It's beautiful! The birthday girl will love it. I always use 2" cuts for my bindings.

  4. It is beautiful!! I need to work on downsizing my binding as it looks really nice that way.

  5. Looks amazing! I love all the little details you added.

  6. It's beautiful!!!!! I love it, especially all of the little extra stitching details =D

  7. Those fishies look great! Good job on the finish!

  8. It looks fabulous - she's sure to love it!

  9. Oh that turned out Sew Beautifully!!! I bet she adores it, and just in time for this coming winter!! AWESOME from start to finish! I've really enjoyed watching the progress and Wow, did you finish it up beautifully! Sigh. I'm drooling! Big hugs!

  10. What a lovely quilt! Love that scrappy binding. It should really be a blessing to the birthday girl:)

  11. Made with love, she's going to love it! Thanks for stopping at my blog on the hop and leaving a sweet comment. I'm happy to say that teddy escaped the scolding-this time.


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