Friday, October 21, 2011

Ole Frog Eyes is for more than just quilts!

Do you think that our virtual design wall is for quilts? Yep, it is. There are some beauties in progress over there!

But didya know that you can design other things there, too?  Ole Frog Eyes is a cool tool for small projects, too!

Check this out . . .

A couple of years ago, I made a quilt from the Yellow Brick Road pattern, and hand-quilted it with baptist fans. In a show of shameless self promotion I will add a photo here for you to look at!

Isn't that cool? I can make my quilts stand up on their own! Well, OK, actually Elby is standing back there on her tippy toes, holding it up!

Here is a close up of the quilting . . . aren't I shameless?

Well, I had some orphan pieces left over from the project, and was thinking about making a table topper for autumn. I got these out and made them into some blocks, and was so happy that the sun was shining! I took them outside to make pictures for you, and was immediately greeted by Elby's dog, who wanted to investigate.

 "Who, me? I didn't step on your stuff there. See? I'm not even interested."  
  (Sly dog.)
                       "I'll look innocent and bide my time. Then I can grab one and play hide-n-seek!"

Well, I managed to get some pictures done, and used my fav program, to get them ready for Ole Frog Eyes. I even managed to learn something new, which will be a new tutorial coming soon!

You can see that the colors are just right for an autumn table topper!

I was trying to decide what color to use for lattice and border --- OFE is awesome for that. Here is my first try at it:

Nice, but I'm not contented with this... I'll try again! I think the green needs to be a darker shade . . . that first one is positively spring-y! (Is that a word? Of course it is.)

It takes just moments to choose new colors and save the image . . . here is my second take on the project:

Hmmm. Getting closer. Let's try one more time. (This is actually fun --- no crawling on the floor, placing fabric samples between blocks, no wishing for a nice, big design wall. No worries about pet hair on your blocks, or critters stepping on them. Just click and update!)


Whoo hooo! Now that's what I'm talking about! Now those fall colors really pop! With Ole Frog Eyes, you can audition to your heart's content . . . if I wanted, I could try gold, or burgundy, or some other autumn-y color.  But I kinda knew where I was headed, so now I'm ready to cut some lattice strips and get 'er done! 

I hope that y'all will check out some of the projects over at Ole Frog Eyes, and consider joining our happy band of subscribers! 



  1. That's so cool! I know Staci was excited to win a year of Ole Frog Eyes...It sounds like a nice program for quilters. =)

  2. I love the black.....thanks for the information..

  3. Oh that is so neat!!! I have only made two quilts, but I've been doing the crawling around on the floor method with scraps of fabric lol!!! That looks much easier =D

  4. Oh, it does pop with the black! It looks great!

    So does that sweet puppy. He is just trying to prove to you that dogs are better than cats, you know.

  5. Amazing how different your blocks look with different color sashings! Very pretty!! Whoop whoop!!

  6. Love the black sashing! Your quilt & quilting are fabulous!

  7. I got my surprise from P.I.F today when I arrived back from Vacation I love it will post a picture tomorrow on my blog. thank youso much it is awesome. Tammara


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