Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You Sitting Down? This is so Amazing . . .

I want to make sure that all of you special peeps are sitting down, because what I am about to say is going to amaze you! Go ahead, get comfy.

Would you like to know just how many yards of fabric all of you wonderful quilters donated to the Destash for Malawi?

(Clearing throat) OK. Here goes . . .

over 750 yards of fabric
and more than 125 spools of thread!! 

I. Am. In. Shock.    Anita provided me with the incredible totals.  You guys are absolutely awesome.  Usually I inject some humor into my posts, and I know I say this at the risk of sounding sappy, but I was misty-eyed when I realized our community had pulled together for these kids in such a big way.

I've said before that I only expected one or two yards in each box, and just a few quilters to contribute.   In actuality, there were boxes with 1, and 2, and 3 yards of fabric, and then there were boxes with 15, and 25, and 35 yards!  I think the largest one had over 47 yards in it!

In my other posts, I showed you some photos of the two huge suitcases of fabric and thread that have already made the journey to Africa, and some snapshots of  Lois opening the suitcase and assembling clothes for the children. If you would like to see photos of all of the donations, please be sure to click here, and take a peek at Anita's Flickr set.  One picture there shows the fabric that (some of it) will be going to Malawi in January, when the Kropfs' son goes back again.

I really think that all of us who helped in this effort are winners --- I can't wait for y'all to see the photo that Anita is sending to you; you'll see some of the kids posing in their new clothes!  (There was one box from Springfield, IL that had no name on it....if you could let me know who you are, Anita can send you your note and photo.)  I wish that I had prizes for each and every one of you!! My heart is so full --- I'd better start getting Mr. Random Number in gear, before I can't see my keyboard again!!

Alrighty! We have lots of prizes to give away, so I am going to name the prize and then note the winner; there are too many to post pictures of the number generator and the comment for each one! You'll just have to trust me . . . I'll let Mr. Random do the choosing.  That OK with you? Great! Here we go!

Jacquelynne Steves of The Noble Wife will be sending an autographed copy of her book,

Fruitful Hands, to Diane (no blog)!

Dewberry Lane online store

will be providing two patterns of her choice to Joanne (no blog)!!

One-year subscriptions to Ole Frog Eyes, the virtual design wall for quilters,

were won by  CraftyNewbie and Staci at Confused Quilter !!

Quilt Sue will be sending an autographed copy of her book,

Pick Four, to Stray Stitches!! Here's her blog, too!

Amanda Murphy, of Amanda Murphy Design,

 will be sending a complete set (6) of her patterns to Quiltzyx at zzyzx and sue !

Our special friend, Julie, at the Intrepid Thread, will be sending fabric bundles to eight lucky peeps! Take a look at some of these yummy packages! Julie is so generous to offer several prizes . . . I better choose some winners before my post gets too picture heavy!!


Norece (no blog), Tonya, Happy Cottage Quilter, Elizabeth at PiecefulLife, Amorette of SewWhileHeSleeps,   PattiAnn at Bouncy PoodleMollyP (no blog), and PCFlamingo (no blog) are all winners of our bundles from the Intrepid Thread!

Thank you, thank you, to all of you who were so generous and helped us to help the kids in Malawi. I had a few no-reply folks, so if you tried to reach me and I didn't reply, please check your settings -- I tried mightily to reply to each and every comment!!

All of our winners need to get in touch with me and let me know your shipping information; the prize providers will be shipping directly to you! I'll be emailing to ask you for the address, too. If anyone has not gotten in touch with me in 72 hours, I'll pick another name.



  1. Thank you all again! Cards are on the way and I pray God's richest blessings on each one of you!

  2. WOW!! That's wonderful!! Congrats to the winners! I have some fabric here ready to a little late getting it out.
    So glad there was such a huge response!

  3. I feel as if I should be so excited about the win (don't get me wrong I totally am), but I cannot wait to see what she makes out all this fabric. I hope it's possible to keep photos/posts about them going?

    My heart swells for her, the children, and everyone involved in this effort. In our ever so individualistic society, this effort proved it does take a village.

    Took me a little while also to get through the post because I was also getting rather weepy along the way. Thank you again for allowing me the honor of serving those in need. ~Tina

  4. Woot! Thank you Mr. Random Number Generator for picking me for a fabric bundle from Intrepid Thread! I am so happy to have been able to participate in this de-stashing event, and glad that my fabric and thread found a happy home.

  5. Wow Jacque, this is amazing!! The quilting community is so generous. And thank you for drawing my name for a prize :-)

  6. Quilters are such an amazing group of people with the call for help is made. I'm so glad you received such a great response!
    I'm so happy to have won the book from Sue!! Congrats to all of the lucky winners :)

  7. Wow, what a total! So fun to see all the fabric that was donated. Great job, everyone!

  8. WOW! 750 yards of stashed fabric - that is wonderful!! Thank you Snoodles, for organizing this & letting us help, and thanks also to Anita for getting it ready to travel to her Mom!
    And finally - thanks Mr. Random Number for picking my number & Amanda Murphy for donating her beautiful patterns!!!

  9. Just simply amazing...750 yards for the kids! I had so much fun "stuffing" my box full of fabric for the "wee ones" in Malawi. At the same time, I had fun imagining what they will look like in their new outfits.....oh so fun!

    Thank you Anita for sharing your in law's story with all of us and allowing us (quilters) to help them. Also thank you Jacque, for starting this wonderful project with all us and gathering all the sponsors for the prizes...(thank you Julie from "Intrepid Thread" for the wonderful prize I first prize!)

    Hat's off to all the kind people who donated fabric for such a wonderful cause!

  10. WOW! So awesome!!

    Congrats to the winners and thank you for organizing this, too!

  11. Thank you to the wonderful ladies who organized this fabric-a-thon and the wonderful people who participated. We have saved Mrs. Lois a ton of work by supplying a need, saved ourselves some frustration by decreasing our stashes, and made some kiddos days with super cool new duds. Way to go everybody!

    P.S. Of course, I'm totally stoked about winning a fabric bundle from Julie, too. Thanks!

  12. When I stuffed that box with fabric, I had no idea that I would win something. What a treat to be a part of this, it sure made me feel good. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  13. Fun! Fun! Fun! Congrats to the winners and especially to the ladies in Africa:)

  14. My wonderful friend would also like to send some donations, but is having difficulty emailing you. If you could just reply to my comment with a mailing address, I will pass it on. Thanks so much!!!


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