Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Apple core, Baltimore . . . Finished flimsy (and a party!)

(As always, there's a possibility you will see an affiliate link in my blog posts; that is how I can afford to keep bringing you the merriment and mayhem we are known for!)

We quilters like to celebrate when we finish a quilt top, right? 

Well, celebrate with me! Apple cider all around! MMmmmmmm, appley flavor plus cinnamon! Warm and spicy! 

Just completed my Apple Core quilt top. Yes, I know, it's been a long time coming along. It's been one of those projects that is worked on for a while and then put aside, then brought out again!

It's great portable handwork! In fact, I made up a name for it  -- POPR -- portable project!

Here's my top:

I began this back in 2012, can you believe it? Check out this blog post where I began from apple core pieces cut for me by Barb over at Bejeweled Quilts.

Some of the fabrics that she gifted me are my favs on this top; I love the Samoan prints!

Barb included some cute "Santa on vacation" pieces, too, like that on the lower left....Santa is swimming with the dolphins!

Of course, there's a little bit of everything in here . . . some thirties reproductions, some Jacquelynne Steves's fabrics, and it would not be one of my scrappy tops without some Mary Engelbreit!

I agree with Barb, the Accuquilt apple core die makes short work of the pieces. (I still pat my Go!Baby every day and tell it of my undying love!)

So much better than cutting them all out by hand!

If you are new to the Accuquilt concept, you should take a minute to head over to their site and look around . . . my Go!Baby is very similar to the newer Go!Me which is a great starter set! Accuquilt helps us with a die compatibility chart which is very helpful, and they have super customer service, too.

Today they started a new launch party! Click on that link to go and check out all the fun! Gotta love people that throw a great party, and Accuquilt sure does! Giveaways! Sale prices and much more!

The theme is "Put some ROAR in your day!" so I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Click here to be whisked over to the party! They will send you a link so you can join right in!

Hope you are staying warm and quilting!



  1. WOW that is a lot of hand work. Beautiful! Is it a charm quitl, where no two pieces are the same fabric?

    1. I would have responded directly, but your settings are on no-reply....no, there are some duplicates there, but not too many! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Before I even started reading your post I saw the pictures and knew immediately those fabrics. It was so fun to see, thanks so much. Your quilt turned out wonderful!

  3. Wow nice looking quilt. I've got the accuquilt die cut for that but haven't used it yet. I keep looking at it and trying to figure out how it goes together. LOL. I guess I need to look at the directions. Great quilt.


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