Monday, February 8, 2021

Nonsense blocks and traffic humor

I suppose these blocks don't have a whole lot to do with what I saw in traffic the other day, but then it again, it WAS kinda funny! 

I pulled up at a stop light and looked to my left just as this car pulled up alongside:

Out for a ride, just chillin'!

Gotta love it!

And yes, he's out cruisin' in a Mustang GT. (Grin)

Now, for my latest Summer Moon escapades . . . 

Here is the smallest of the Nonsense blocks - I like that bunny print!

This block is almost all half square triangles. Oh, lest I forget, there are four hourglass units there, too!

Don'tcha love it when the points come together!

So, here for your enjoyment are the two smaller Nonsense blocks; the eight incher will be under my needle soon . . . 

Mostly I'm trying to finish up a runner for my table - Valentine's Day is coming, right? 

Reveal will be soon!



  1. Cool Dude Dog! Ha!
    Great new blocks. I love the colors. Yep, that bunny print is adorable. Typically I shy away from novelty prints. But some are just too cute. I love the yellow print as well.

  2. I haven't added to my summer moon blocks yet but plan too soon. Too many projects and too little time. Our neighbors dog wears sun goggles when he goes out for a walk. He unfortunately has an eye condition that will cause him to eventually go blind. To hopefully keep that from happening as long as possible they try to keep him out of bright sunlight and the goggles may or may not help. It is kind of an unusual thing to see a dog wearing them.

  3. Nothing thrills me more than to have all points meet and the block. That is too funny about the dog...what a way to bring a smile to ones face.


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