Tuesday, November 17, 2020

... lids! lids! my kingdom for some more jar lids!!

(With apologies to Shakespeare, I'm reworking the line from Richard III.)

We have picked and cooked our scuppernongs and our muscadines with a Granny Smith apple sliced in, and I pulled out the old family recipe . . . it's an easy one: equal parts grape juice and sugar! For instance, this time I had four cups of juice, so I added four cups of sugar. Toss in a "pat" of butter to cut down on the foaming.

Cook (at a hard boil) until the juice reaches the jelly point, and then pour into clean jars. I got five jars of jelly from this batch. 

I'm guessing that many of you are experiencing the same shortages that I am . . . it's harder to find jar lids than it is to find time to quilt these days. (Grin) That's one reason you see four jars there. It's difficult to find paraffin wax, too, and that is what I would have used to seal more jars. The fifth jar of jelly went in the fridge to be slurped up on low-carb muffins! (Yeah, I know, the sugar in the grape jelly kinda messes up the low carb count of the muffins. C'est la vie! Gotta have some goodies sometimes!)

How about you?
Have you found jars or lids lately? If you did, where did you find those treasures?



  1. When I was about 13, our High School class went to see a play, YES, it was Richard 111, and I have not forgotten those words. Would it have been easier to find a horse than lids? your jelly looks wonderful.

  2. Lids?? I can't find them at all. Thankfully, I'm getting along with ones I had but hope they are available soon. Next year will be another story.


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