Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Party invitation - updated link!

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Sorry, the cyber elves messed up my link at first - should be correct, now!

I do love to use my Accuquilt to speed things along!

You can turn that handle and voila! Squares, circles, triangles, and applique shapes!

Faster than A. J. Foyt rounding the turn in the track, you are on your way to a finished quilting project!

My sis is using her Accuquilt GO! making plans for some happy sewing time:

All those gorgeous squares!

And tumblers . . . 

Accuquilt has SO MANY dies to cut shapes and pieces and even alphabets! (And what's even better is that link, the one that says "So many dies" will get you "Buy one, get one 50% off!" on the dies to go in the Accuquilt machine!)

And in a few days, Accuquilt will have a fun launch party!

Want to attend?

Here is your invitation! Just click there! That link will land you on the registration page, and then you will be all set for the party!

The Accuquilt elves have cooked up some fun - just for signing up, you get three free patterns and you are entered into some awesome giveaways!

The party begins on November 17th, precisely at noon, Central time! 

Come party with us!

See ya there!



  1. I was trying to register for the Accuquilt Launch Party, but it took me to the wrong page and I couldn't register

  2. Hi! I apologize and thank you for the heads up! The link is fixed now! I would have emailed you directly, but your settings are on no-reply, so I hope you see this response!


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