Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Reboot!! (And let's make a deal!)

Lilypadquilting has been here on the interwebs for a while. I was surprised to look back and see that we were posting almost TEN years ago! 
I feel OLD. The interwebs were so new, then. (Grin)
I've enjoyed hopping around and visiting other bloggers and making new friends. Social media? Not as much, here, although we do keep up.
You see, I really like it when someone posts some informative content, a tutorial, a review, or even pictures of their current project in the process of being created!
With pictures! (Like on our tutorial page . . . check that out for some cool projects!)
How about you? You enjoy good content, too?
I'm hoping you are nodding, yes?  

So, it's time for a REBOOT!!
Here at the Lilypad, I'm going to be posting reviews, tutorials, examples of products, and more! I'm hoping to bring you information that you can use.
I've been recruiting and auditioning some online retailers and I have found some that are unique and offer sterling customer service.
Also, I've been auditioning some products to give you some feedback on them, so you will know what works, and what doesn't!
I've also been working up some blocks and will have some tips on them, so you can make them more easily or more quickly.

And here's the new stuff -- I've noticed a tendency to add a few pounds because my office work each day keeps me chained to my desk a good bit. And then quilting, sewing, and crafting are kinda that way, too.  We creative peeps are sitting in our sewing chair, or sitting with a glue gun in our hand, or even sitting doodling a new design on a scratch pad!  So I think I shall include some posts on cookery -- specifically the low carb kind.

Mr. Snoodles was a "walking time bomb" (no kidding, the nurse said that while looking at his fasting test results) some years back, and he was able to lose a significant amount of weight and bring his "numbers" back to normal levels, using low carb diet routines. Back in the day, this wasn't so well accepted. 
Nowadays, low carb and keto diets are all the rage! 

Over the years, I have developed some killer (no, no, I mean that in a good way!!) recipes that I think may help some of us stay on the diet bandwagon and actually enjoy it! I mean, come on, it's true. I really do miss bread or muffins or whatever, sometimes! I can pass by a restaurant or bakery and smell that gorgeous yeasty baking smell and need to wipe away some drool . . . (I hear some peeps nodding their heads out there!)
So, I have plans to post some awesome recipes for pancakes, muffins, veggie pizza, and lots of other yummy things, including some buttermilk biscuits that will fool your I-refuse-to-eat-low-carb-so-don't-offer-it-to-me friends!

Now, here is the "let's make a deal" part -- I will be posting links to products, whether food or quilting related, and they WILL be affiliate links sometimes. 
I'm going to invest a good bit of time to bring you some great content -- so I HOPE you will click on my links if you are considering some purchases!
That will help make it possible for me to continue to bring you GREAT STUFF!!

What do you say? 

Will you come along for the ride? Will ya? 



  1. I'll be riding along! I'm always on the lookout for new, healthy recipes that don't scream "diet". I've lost 75 pounds and have no plans on finding even one of them! Congrats on blogging for 10 years...that's a lot of content!

  2. You re-boot plan sounds very exciting.

  3. I’ll be here checking out your content and watching for products that I’d like to try. And I’m always up for new inspiration.


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