Friday, September 4, 2020

Pincushion swap! (Really fun!)

 Heather at the Sewing Loft put together a fun swap for all of us who signed up!

I made a new friend "down the road a-piece" in Georgia, and received a cool package of goodies! 

First, though, let's look at what happened at my end of the swap! (Grin)

I heard that pinks and a little teal were her "sweet spot" for colors, so I dug out some of my "Sophie" scraps.

I constructed a tiny scrappy block for the front, and a strip (foundation pieced) block for the back and sewed them into a pincushion "envelope," then stuffed it with some weight and a piece of 0000 (you say that "four ought," according to Mr. Snoodles) steel wool and then batting on top of that. All those inside -- the steel wool is to sharpen pins and needles as they go into the pincushion.

A feather stitch along the outside just to "pretty it up" a bit . . .

And some other goodies to go in her package: she said she liked herbal teas, and I love 'em, too, so I sent some of my favorite dandelion tea blends....a pack of Halloween fabric charm cuts, and a pack of bright mini charms, too.....a ruler to square up blocks (one of my favorites because it is versatile. We are all about "multi tasking" here!).....

Then what fun I had, opening my package from Lois! Just look at the cute pincushion she made! I love it!

I was already obsessing over the adorable label - more on this later! 

Ummmmmm, peach tea! 

And this wonderful bag (love that sentiment) with goodies inside! 

Just look at what was in that bag . . . A coaster for this Southern gal's iced tea . . . 

And see? A pack of super cute buttons, scissors, pins, and some of those labels I was lusting after! Wow!

A planner with just the right themed cover . . . 

A WONDERFUL SMELLING candle! So peachy!

And a ruler, and a pin bowl, and even a soccer club coozy!!

I sure was happy dancing!!

It was like having a surprise Christmas party in August! Thanks so much Lois, for being such a great pincushion swap partner! I hope we can stay in touch! And thank you to Heather at The Sewing Loft for organizing such a great swap!

More merriment and mayhem coming soon - and a recipe!



  1. Really cute pin cushions both coming and going. I love how you finished yours off with the feather stitch. That is such a cute idea.

  2. How wonderful! I am finishing up my swap partners cushions and extras this weekend!!


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