Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Red, white, blue, and crafting

Here at the Lilypad, we like to keep things interesting! Crafting fun decorations is an easy way to make the house cheerful.
I enjoy the challenge of using what I have available and tailoring my decorations to each holiday during the year.
We have two tin men who stand guard on our hearth; my dear dad-in-law made these. He was a WWII veteran who spent three years serving in the Mighty 8th Air Force. (At the time, the Mighty 8th was a part of the Army Air Corps!)

A fat quarter of fabric makes a quick and easy outfit for a tin man - and with a flag in his hand he's ready for the Independence Day celebration! He's got no buttons, but they'd be popping off from pride, if he did! 

My three-dimensional quilted "fire crackers" really "pop" on the mantel. Or should I say, they are about to pop "OFF" the mantel! You can learn about how to make it and see the whole process at this blog post: click here and hold on tight!

Adding some stars to a store-bought garland makes it just right. That's the one new thing this year!

One of our treasures: my dad-in-law carved this eagle that flies for the Fourth. He was an incredibly talented and awesome guy!

Hope all of y'all had a wonderful Fourth of July and celebrated safely! America is truly a land of freedom and opportunity, and we thank all of the veterans and those currently serving, for keeping us free!



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