Saturday, July 11, 2020

It's Christmas!! (Well, sorta!)

Merry Christmas!
I always did think that Christmas in the summertime would be awesome! How about July?
I'm a southern girl, don't ya know, and the warm (read that "hot") weather is my favorite! Yes, I know, you think I'm crazy now . . . but in the winter, I can never seem to get warm. Or stay warm.

Give me the warm weather. I'm a happy camper. Humidity? Not a problem. You say you don't like all that humidity and sweat? We southern belles don't sweat. We glisten. Ha! Actually, when you live on a farm you just don't worry about sweat anymore, just get the fencepost set or the tree cut up or the garden weeded and carry a bandana! 

But I digress.
The real reason for my post was to alert you to some cool freebies! (You do like "free," right?)

Annie's is having a fun "Christmas in July" event, with TEN days of free stuff!!  

Just click on that logo up there, that green box, and you will magically be whisked away through the cyber clouds and land safely at Annie's Crafts!


Starting today, Saturday, there will be something new each day! Free! (I'm required to tell you that if you should see something you love (and I know you will, they have so much fun stuff!) that I will earn a small commission but your purchase price will NOT change!)

Yep, I signed up as an affiliate - and you know that means that I have ordered from them and been very happy with what I received, as well as with their service! I don't sign on with a company unless I have checked them out!


I hope you will click through using one of the graphics - either this one in the blog post or the one on the right-hand sidebar . . . you are going to find patterns, kits, and materials for all kinds of crafting. 
Whether you enjoy crochet, knitting, quilting, buttons for a doggie-themed project, or making couches for your kitties (yes, that's a thing) you will find what you need at Annies!

Go ahead! Click and scoot over there! And merry Christmas!!



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