Thursday, July 9, 2020

Keep up the good work!

Many of us have been hard at work creating masks for care workers, friends, family, and ourselves. We have used our stash of fabrics to give of ourselves in the effort to slow down the Covid-19 virus.

We've made masks in several shapes and in many sizes:

I had heard that good quality quilter's cotton was more effective than many other fabrics -- but the video below actually shows it in action!

Take a look and take heart! (If you want to skip to the cotton mask, go to about 1:50...)

Keep up the good work, y'all!

We can make a difference. The quilting and sewing community has always been one of creativity and of generosity -- we are certainly showing our care for the world around us, yet again!




  1. Those inches mean the difference between staying safe, and NOT. Love the simulation, I have mine in double batik if I am anywhere near danger.

  2. I have lost count of how many my daughter and I have made. She is making them in kid size with an adjustible cotton tee shirt strap. WHen face to face school starts, all of the kids will have to wear one all day. Texia is a manditory mask state. She is trying to sell them to local parents that do not sew.


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