Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The countdown has started.....

We're announcing the date of our Pets on Quilts linky party!

Hope you are preparing for the pet show! There are a lot of great prizes in our random drawing!

The show will start on August 10th!!

As always, the show runs for ten days, so you have plenty of time to add your blog post or Flikr picture post to the show! (Then the voting begins after that!)

If you have other ways to post, leave a comment to tell me about it, and we will consider expanding the show. 
I know that other platforms allow the posting of photos, but I'm not certain if you can have peeps comment on your entry. Nor am I sure if you can link to our linky party!

Both of those are extremely important parts of our show -- it's how the whole community gets involved and we can all make new friends. We get to see quilted projects that everyone is working on (or have completed) and we can read a little about the pet that is featured.

Let me know your thoughts -- I'm open to suggestions, as long as those requirements of our show can be met! 

As always, bear with me.....I still don't get email notifications of your comments, but I will check back frequently and reply!

Get to snapping those pictures!!



  1. Yeah Snoodles, thanks for all your hard work. We love the show and will be posting, hopefully on August 10th as we are actually away on vacation but that won't stop us, tee hee. Can't wait Hugs, Susie & Treacle x

  2. And my profile showed up here on my laptop! Glory be! I can comment again!
    I even have pictures ready to go this year for the parade :-) Thank you for getting it all going again. It will be great see all these critters.

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