Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Voting begins!


A great, big LilyPad thank you to all of you who participated in our show this year! Our numbers may have been fewer than last year, but we have some great entries, and I hope y'all will spread the word so we can have even more fun next year!

Voting starts today -- here is how we do it:

I hope by now you have visited all of the entries that you can, and left them some comment kudos on their pet or pet-themed quilt. You can "like" the entries if you want to, so that you can remember them when you come back by the LilyPad.

We'll have three Viewers' Choice winners, and then after that, the random drawings!! Huzzah! So, leave one comment (on this blog post) that says which cute and cuddly entry is your choice to win these three categories:

                              1. Dog on quilt
                              2. Cat on quilt
                              3. Pet-themed quilt

(In past years, we have had "other animal" winners, such as hedgehogs, ducklings, and horses, but this year we just have pups and kitties!)

Now, you can also leave other separate comments to increase your chances of winning! Listen up, pardner!

First, if you "advertised" our show in some way (blog post, Facebook, etc.) leave a comment to tell me. (You will get three extra entries in our drawing!)
Next, if you made mats and quilted pads for shelter animals, leave a comment for that. (You get five extra entries in our drawing!)
Did you visit all the entries and leave a comment where you could? (Leave a comment!)
Are you a follower here at the LilyPad? (Not mandatory, but if you are, leave a comment!)

Easy peasy!
We'll leave the voting open for a week, OK? And it's absolutely OK to tell your buddies to come by and leave comments to vote for you!

After voting is closed, we'll tally the results and announce our winners!  (Give us time, now, it's difficult for Padsworth to keep up -- hard to hold that pencil with his froggie feet!)

Now let the voting begin!!


  1. There are some beauties on here
    My vote goes to
    Cat on quilt: 2 Miss Sadie
    Dog on quilt: 23 Teddy Bear
    Pet themed quilt: 3

    Thanks for putting on this fun event.

  2. Cat on Quilt - #20 Pixie
    Dog on Quilt - #23 Teddy Bear
    Pet themed quilt - Cats in Windows

  3. Dog on quilt: #23 Teddy Bear
    Cat on quilt: #8 Tatter
    Pet themed quilt: #24 Owls

  4. Dog on a Quilt: Treacle
    Cat on a Quilt: Alfalfa
    Pet themed quilt: Feed the Cat

  5. I was an advertiser. Put your button on my blog. And why wouldn’t I?

  6. Dog - #23 Teddy Bear
    Cat - #8 Tater
    Themed - #24 Owls

  7. I am trying to navigate around & am clueless. Could you please tell me where to view the entries?

    1. Hit the "home" button here and underneath this post you'll see the post that announces the Pets on Quilts contest. There is a Linky that shows thumbnails of each entry and you can click on the tiny picture of each entry and be taken to it.

    2. Thanks, Beth, my hubby had surgery and I wasn't able to reply to this. I appreciate your guiding Carol!

  8. Cats on quilt- Winston #17
    Dogs on quilt- Teddy Bear #23
    Themed quilt-Owls #24

  9. Dog on quilt: #25 Molly and Rex
    Cat on Quilt: #8 Tater the Kitten
    Themed: #3 Vroomans Quilts

  10. Dog on Quilt: #16 Toby
    Cat on Quilt: #8 Tater
    Themed Quilt: #28-32 Cats in the window

  11. Dog on Quilt #6 Willow
    Cat on Quilt #8 Tater
    Themed Quilt #10 Feed the Cat

  12. I'm pretty sure I visited all the adorable pets and commented when able!

  13. I’m a follower (for years), I advertised, and I do kennel quilts for Best Friends.

  14. Best Cat: #5, Alfalfa and Darla
    Best Dog: Molly and Rex
    Best Quilt: with the zebra in center (#20?)

  15. #5, Alfalfa and Darla,for the Best Cats on Quilts title.

  16. Cats on quilts : Cathy's Crazy by Design...is my vote..i think her post is a riot...hugs, Julierose

  17. For sure it's #5 for the Best Cats on Quilts (who wouldn't love Alfalfa and Darla?)

  18. I gave each participant a comment where possible (there was only one that I wasn’t able to).

  19. I commented on the posts that I could comment on, and did look at all of them! I love pet pictures!

  20. I follow LilyPad Quilts via Bloglovin!

  21. I shared Pets on Quilts 2018 on Instagram via @winkowl

  22. Cat on quilt #8 Tater the kitten (who never meows!)
    Dog on Quilt #21 Murphy
    Pet themed Quilt # 11 Pink Beauty
    Thanks for another fun pets on quilts show!

  23. Love little Teddy Bear on his purple quilt! #23!

  24. Dogs inbuilt #23 Teddy
    Cats in Quilts #2 Sadie

  25. Dogs on quilts - #23 Teddy Bear
    Cats on quilts - #8 Tatter
    Pet themed quilts - #24 Owls

  26. Dogs on quilts- #23 Teddy Bear

  27. Dogs on quilts - #23 a Teddy Bear

  28. For the dogs # 6
    For the cats # 5
    For the quilts # 11
    I enjoyed looking through all of them.

  29. You are all good boys and girls. 13/10 Would invite into my quilting room for a treat and a snuggle. I cannot possibly choose. Good luck everyone!

  30. 25. 8 3 those are my choices.wad a tough decision.good luck everyone!

  31. It was a tough decision but:
    Cats on Quilts: #5 Alfalfa and Darla
    Dogs on Quilts: #6 Willow
    Pet Themed: #10 Feed the Cat

  32. I make kennel mats/quilts for TQPM. I visited most of the posts and left comments when possible.

  33. I searched all over this blog post and on your links sidebar and couldn't find anywhere that links to any pet photos. Where are they?

    1. Go to the blog archives on the left and click on Pets on Quilts 2018.

  34. Cats on quilts: #8 Tater. The cat is cute and the quilt is wonderful.

  35. Dog 1
    Quilt 3
    Cat 20
    It was a hard choice, I'm sure it is difficult for Mr. Padsworth to remain impartial.

  36. Cat(s) on quilt: #5, Alfalfa and Darla
    Dog on quilt: #6, Willow
    Pet quilt: #3 Vrooman
    Tough choices!

  37. Cats on quilt #5 for Darla and Alfalfa. Love Buddy

  38. Fun parade!
    dog on quilt #25
    cat on quilt #15
    pet themed quilt #10

  39. I advertised the Pet Parade on my blog :-)

  40. I'm a follower here on the Lilypad :-)

  41. I commented and liked all the photos :-)
    Seriously, loved seeing all these sweet creatures!
    Thank you, Snoodles!

  42. Always a fun parade!
    favorite dog #25 Molly and Rex
    favorite cat #17 Winston
    favorite pet on a quilt #10

  43. Had fun telling everyone about the parade -

  44. Dog-themed quilt: #23
    Cat-themed quilt: #12
    Pet-themed quilt: #3

  45. I love #5 Alfalfa and Darla. Those two are the Cat's Meow!

  46. Another wonderful parade. My votes are:
    Dog on Quilt - #25 Molly and Rex
    Cat on Quilt - #5 Alfalfa and Darla
    Pet Themed Quilt - #11 Pink Beauty

  47. I advertised the show with your button on my side bar as well as in my posts.

  48. I visited everyone and left a comment if I could.

  49. I'm a long time follower of your blog.

    Thanks for another great show, Snoodles, Padsworth and DragonDrop xx

  50. Dogs on Quilt - #25 Molly and Rex

  51. I have made dog blocks that have been put into quilts, wall hangings and table mats to fundraise for a dog shelter.

  52. I follow your blog on my blogger dashboard/GFC.

  53. Cat on quilt: Alfie and Darla
    Dog on quilt: Treacle
    Pet themed quilt: Cats in the Window

  54. Cat: #12 Hoop Popper
    Dog: #13 Nellie
    Pet Themed: #10 Feed the Cat

  55. Dog - #1 Cat - #2 Theme Quilt - #3
    Follow Lily Pad
    Button on side bar and follow up reminder posts for comments and voting

  56. Dog on Quilt #6
    Cat on Quilt #8
    Pet Themed Quilt #10

  57. I have your blog on my blog list. Always enjoy your posts!

  58. #5 Alfalfa and Darla, Best Cats on Quilts

  59. We always enjoy your show.
    This year we would like to vote for
    1. Dog - #25
    2. Cat - #5
    3. Pet - #1

    WE love that you run this show each year. We know it is a lot of work for you and that cute frog!!! But we look forward to it each year as it is so special. Thanks!!! Love Miss H, The Mother and Baa. xxx

  60. this contest is really awesome! thank you for hosting, it must take a nice chunk of time!! yes, i donate quilts to animal shelters, as well as for quilts for kids, & others. here are my votes:
    1- dog #9
    2- cat #13
    3- pet theme #28

  61. This was a hard decision! I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts about their fur children! But here are my votes:
    Dog on quilt: #12
    Cat on Quilt: #5
    Pet themed quilt: #28

  62. I visited posts and commented, and I follow your wonderful blog! Thanks so much for everything you share, and for the Pets on Quilts events. It always warms my heart to read everyone's posts. I'm glad there are so many people who care for the furry friends that we share the planet with.

  63. Dog on quilt - #23 - that sweet sheltie!
    Pet themed quilt - #10 - polka dots and a sassy little face

  64. My for is for #23 Teddy Bear!!

  65. Hi Snoodles, what a great show as always. Thank you for all your hard work and to the lovely sponsors.

    I failed miserably this year to hop around to everyone as we were on vacation and our internet connection was hopeless in The Highlands of Scotland!!! I did manage to get round to most of them and now I am back will get round to everyone. I will also reply to everyone who contacted us.

    Our votes are :

    Dog on Quilt: 21 Murphy
    Cat on Quilt: 5 Alfalfa & Darla
    Pet-Themed Quilt : 3 Vroomans Quilts Sharon

    I am a Follower of Lily Pad Quilting and did advertise the show beforehand.

    Good luck to all entrants, they are all fantastic! Thank you to all those who have voted for Treacle.

    Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

  66. Cat on quilt #8 Tater
    In honor of my daughter, AJ, who has a soft spot in her heart for that cutie ��

  67. I would like to vote for:
    Dog on Quilt #6 Willow on Foothills Quilt
    Cat on Quilt #27 Complementary Colors (what a beautiful orange cat!)
    Pet Quilt #10
    (I wish I could vote for them all!!!)

  68. Dog on Quilt #25 Molly and Rex (love that they were adopted)
    Cat on Quilts #26 Tabitha (love her stare!)
    Pet Quilt #10 Feed the Cat (so true!)

  69. I make shelter mats and donate thru the TQM project.

  70. Since I do not have a blog, I can never enter but at least I figured out how to vote this year!
    Pet Quilt #4 Missy
    Dog Quilt #6 (I will have to remember that wonderful fix for when our pets love our quilts too much!)
    Cat Quilt #5 Alfalfa and Daria
    This was really, really hard - they are all wonderful. I could not open number 22 for some reason.

  71. hello, i saw that i wopn! but, i cannot seem to get in touch with you! please help! beansy34@mac.com , beansyquilts@icloud.com


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