Monday, July 30, 2018

Barkbox is a new sponsor!

Hey, all you Lilypadquilters who are pup-lovers! (Tapping on screen) Yep, you!

Ever hear about Barkbox?

They're our newest sponsor for our Pet Show in August! And boy, are they great!

Barkbox is a really cool subscription for your pup -- a box of goodies comes each month that is guaranteed to make your doggie joyful!
These are people who truly love their pets, and make them part of the family. In fact, their pups play-test and approve each new design for the monthly Barkbox shipments!

Every month, a box of fun arrives at your door, and every box has at least two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew -- each month has a theme that is unique.

With past themes like "Sniffin' Safari," "Throwbark Thursday," "The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly," and let's not forget "Chewrassic Bark" or "Knights of the Hound Table," -- there's always good stuff in the box, and fun for you and your dog!

Here's a snippet from their site:
Every BARK Original toy is designed to excite and enrich dogs with sturdy construction, varied materials, and quirky personalities. Our designers test hundreds of squeakers to find the exact right bite for each new toy, and every fabric and rubber is chosen for its particular toothsome qualities. And we don’t ship anything that hasn’t been thoroughly play-tested and approved by our own dogs.

Wondering if it's easy to sign up? Do you have to jump through a bunch of hoops? Nope!

Step One:
Step Two:
Step Three:

See? Easy peasy!

They have something that will make your upcoming Pets on Quilts photo shoot easy, too! It's called Lights Camera Bark! It's a collection of Pose and Play toys that double as props, with unique features that will make capturing just the right picture super simple!
(Pssssssst! Wanna break the interwebs? Try some of their props and the tips that come with 'em!)
Seriously, if you want to see some adorable photos, click on that linkie and enjoy!

Want to browse special toys and treats? Click on this link and you will be whisked away through cyberspace to the Barkshop! Lots of cool things there!

You know that here at the Lilypad, we have a special place in our hearts for rescue animals (having raised several!) and we have our ongoing Padsworth project, too. I hope that some of you have been making pads and little quilts for shelter kitties and pups, so you can have extra entries in our Pet Show drawings!
Anyway, the Barkbox folks support shelters, too, with special efforts for homeless pups in Puerto Rico and Animal Haven (2017) and also in 2017 they teamed with several shelters to utilize their Lights Camera Bark collection to post great photos of adoptable dogs! Way to go, Barkbox!!

Our friends at Barkbox will be sending one of our Pets on Quilts winners their very own box of wiggles, squeaks, snorts and fun! Thanks for sponsoring!

Be sure to stop in and see all the great stuff they have - you might even catch your pup looking over your shoulder, and I know they'd love their own Barkbox of fun each month!

See you again soon!



  1. Steps 1, 2 and 3 !!!, What goodies to get in the mail.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I don't get email alerts on comments anymore, so I will reply here....hope you will join us for the party!

  2. Oh look! My profile isn't blocked here on my iPad and I can leave a comment 😊
    I think some "cookie" thing is jamming me up on my regular laptop and I feared not being able to join in the Pet Parade. Yay! I enjoy reading your blog. Sorry I haven't been able to say hello for so long. Yay for Barkbox!

    1. I'm so glad you will be partying with us!! Yes, our technologies are not playing well lately, are they? LOL

  3. My dog gets so excited to open his BarkBox and once I cut the tape, he can actually do it himself now because he's so thrilled. The toys, in my opinion, are THE BEST. I was extremely skeptical because they are stuffed toys and my dog is a toy destroyer. I don't think he's ever had a stuffed toy last longer than a day without getting to the stuffing. But these toys are shockingly resilient and extremely well made.


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