Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bejeweled by Barb, Island Batiks ambassador

Just a reminder, peeps, the most fabulous pet show in the quilting world is coming up soon! In August!

Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is one of my fav bloggers to visit.....she always has such lovely projects to show off!

She is an Island Batiks ambassador - they send her pretty things and she makes absolutely original, one-of-a-kind gorgeous projects to share and inspire us!

Barb is sponsoring a prize for our show: five fat quarters of lovely Island Batik fabrics!

And she's going to include a pattern from her Craftsy shop, too!
Hop right over there! Here is a link to her store:

Click here!

You will see some really cute ideas here, that you might like to try!
Have a corner in your kitchen that needs something quilted? Check out this great idea!

A little something for your Turkey day table!

We are looking forward to our pet show -- hope you are getting ready!
We'll have more info soon..... rules and important information will be forthcoming!

Thanks, Barb, for being one of the jewels of our show! Thanks for sponsoring!



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