Friday, March 16, 2018

Ready for binding.....

I have had so much fun on this little project. And it really IS small, just a tabletopper!

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Let me go back a few days....

I used my Accuquilt GoBaby to cut out the pieces to make shamrocks -- using the heart die for them. I love my cutter -- I cranked out these pieces in under five minutes! Talk about instant gratification! 

You can cut three different sizes of hearts from the one heart die....see up there? I drew around the edges of the hearts with a permanent paint pen, to show myself where they were.
Then I can pile my fabric on top of just one of the hearts and get three identical pieces to make a shamrock!
I ironed the Heat n Bond Lite on before running it through the GoBaby! and it cut perfectly! 

Turn the handle.....

Then peel and place and iron.....ready to stitch! Well, almost.....gotta put them in their places. 

And I got this pile of scraps already fused with Heat n Bond Lite, to cut the stems from, for the shamrocks!

Once that was done, I ironed them down. At the last moment, I decided some little hearts that I cut freehand from the orange dot fabric would be perfect accompaniment for the shamrocks. I just pinned those down to stay until I free motion quilted. I figured I would stitch them down at that time. 

I enjoyed quilting this, nothing fancy, just echo quilting around the shapes. 

There's one of the hearts, stitched in place.

Now my topper is ready for binding!
I think that orange dot will be perfect -- check this out:

I'll be back soon and show you the finish....for now, I'm off to celebrate! Yes, it is St. Paddy's day -- but it's also the day that Mr. Snoodles and I will celebrate our fortieth anniversary!

Can't imagine that we'd forget our anniversary -- the whole world celebrates with us! Heehee!

Be back soon!



  1. 40th. Oh my. Congratulations. We celebrate our 30th in May. Love your St. Patricks Day table topper.

  2. A great day to celebrate, and also our new son-in-law's birthday down here in NZ. Congratulations to you both. Love the shamrocks, that way looks so easy.

  3. Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Snoodles! Quite an accomplishment in itself these days. Your Shamrocks quilty is fantastic. The orange heart pops of color are a perfect accent.


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